It’s ‘Up To Sony’ If Tekken 7 Has PS4/Xbox One Cross-Play

Bandai Namco is unsure if Tekken 7 will have cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One gamers. The developers are leaving that decision to Sony.

IRetrouk2877d ago

Ps players or xbox, make no diff, still gonna smash this game to absolute pieces.

Eonjay2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Damn right! Yall better hope Sony says no lol... them Xbox boys (God bless em), don't know... lol they don't know. Played 10k matches on Tekken Tag Tournament 2... and lets be fair to them the 360 D-Pad was horrendous, so even if you were good, you really needed a pad else you're fight against your opponent and the controller.

The only thing Xbox has that I want is TTT:2 on BC. They have no idea how lucky they are.

LexHazard792877d ago

Lol...probably lost 9k matches.

Gazondaily2877d ago

So Sony are the ones taking the mick here. What's taking them so long to say yes?

Microsoft's online infrastructure is FAR superior to theirs so it should be a no brainier for Sony to allow it.

If Sony are 'For the Players' they would allow this. I wonder what excuse they'll have if they dont?

2877d ago
Eonjay2877d ago


I assume that the company that has amassed the fastest cloud infrastructure is also the superior one...
For Sony's part, I think they are apprehensive about cross network play for several reasons (security, maintenance... ) For the players has nothing to do with being friendly with Xbox Live... I would like them to do it because I am confident we can murder the other team online. its not even a question. If Bandai is hosting the servers jointly, and can competently manage connections, I am all for it. I just want it to work.

IRetrouk2877d ago

Septic sony have no need to do this at all, im all for it but its not this massive deal thats going to effect my online interactions, for the players means for the gamers on sonys devices nobody elses, i know you like to blow everything out of proportion but there really is no need, it would be cool if they said yes after mentioning it last gen but if they dont its not really a big deal.

gamer78042877d ago

Why would you not want a bigger pool of players to prolong the games life is beyond me...

Ginpachi-sama2877d ago

Wow sceptic aint the brightest tool in the shed

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Deep-throat2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Just make it like SFV. PC vs PS4.

PC players with better hardware will have the upper hand as usual: 5(or less)ms monitors, better IQ.

IQ = Image Quality

PurpHerbison2877d ago

Doesn't necessarily work that way in fighting games but sure. I mean, sure, you want the best specs but what is that to all the Tekken veterans that have been playing on console or arcades for YEARS? Most PC players might be in for a very rude awakening.

Movefasta19932877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

A rude awakening?You do realize that there are a lot of new pc gamers that built pcs at the start of this console generation right?Most of sales that comes tekken 7 steam will be from old school tekken players ,not people trying tekken for the first time.

Destiny10802877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

the difference between people with the best set up and the people with an average set up is not a lot different,

30 fps updates every 33 ms, 60fps is every 16.7ms

your monitor lag being 5ms and someone else's being 33 ms the difference is one sixth of a second

races have been won and lost by ms but I'm guessing a better player will kick your azz 99% of the time regardless of one or two sixth of a second advantage

anticipation/situational awareness/knowing your enemy and surroundings, knowing all the moves and combos/ your reaction time, these and many more will give you a real advantage

Lordani662877d ago

But you know that T7 will be 60 fps on PS4 too? Just asking.

PurpHerbison2876d ago

Well, it is a fighting game so regardless where you play it, it should be locked 60. Unless you play on a terrible PC that can't meet that. I feel really bad for anyone that would have to play Tekken7 at 30FPS, it is just something you don't do with fighting games. In that scenario the person with 60FPS would absolutely destroy the person on 30FPS. You may be able to get away with such huge FPS differences in other genres but fighting games need to be locked 60 for both players or else you are going to have a terrible time. The only realistic issue that I could see coming to light is PC having less input delay. Almost every fighting game released on PC has less input delay for some reason. But yes, it is still going to come down to skill in that scenario anyway. SFV is the greatest example as PS4 version has 8F delay and PC version without vsync has 4F delay. This doesn't stop PS4 players from destroying the PC players.

thatguyhayat2877d ago

What the? Whats hardware got to do with it? Its about skill not hardware

Lordani662877d ago

Higher IQ? Last time I checked PC players have their BMI higher than their IQ, living in their mom's basements, not being able to afford themselves, or to even get a job at MCDonald's, yet console players tend to become IT engineers who later spread their love for video games by creating the best AAA console games that PC mustard pleb begs them for. The only thing pc gay-mers create are crappy minecraft mods, and eye-hurting ENB mods that used to do some good back in the day, but now look like TV settings with saturation lowered to almost 0 and extremely high sharpness, sometimes crappy instagram filter slapped to it too. Yeah, pure geniuses are those pc players

Yours truly,
PC & Console gamer since almost his birth, IT Engineer in real time graphics, raster graphics, 3D moddeling and animations, also a guy with IQ probably higher than you and your whole family put together :).

Deep-throat2877d ago

Typical console gamer, resorting to "PC gamers live in their mom's basements" blather.

IQ = Image Quality, Mr. PC Gamer Since Birth.

Lordani662876d ago

Doesn't matter, because it's still BS:


(Use translate on the right handside menu, first option)
Higher quality visuals? Teeheehee, most pc players play on crappy 21" TN monitors, while even the cheapest HDTV on which console players game, gives better quality spectrum than those monitors, don't even make me go to comparing IPS vs mid-end HDTV. And developers literally don't do anything for PC versions of their multiplatform games, so that's why Ultra/Very High setting on PC look like PS4 versions, sometimes in open world games you see better quality shadows on PC, maybe slightly better textures (not talkig about special 4K textures packs), HDAO vs HBAO, and that's it - for proofs just visit the link above, or this one too: https://suckmyjoystick.blog...

"resorting to "PC gamers live in their mom's basements" blather"

But it's a fact. Enourmous percentage of PC players that create high end PC builds, that are not IT workers live with their parents, that's why they have so much time for playing with their PCs. Typical console only gamer is just a regular guy that sometimes loves videogames more than he should, but also has his own life, that's why he can get a job, unlike a pc gamer which every day have to worry about dx libraries, drivers for hist hardware, lacking .dll files in WINDOWS directory, C++ redistibutables, crappy download times on both Steam (ESPECIALLY!) and Origin, defragmentation of his HDD, unstable Windows after few monts of a clean installation, literally thousands of background running apps and services, swapping 6 DVDs (because blu ray in PC world is still uncommon), while console gamer just puts his disk into his console, and plays. That's it.

PurpHerbison2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I get what you are trying to say but you came off as a complete asshole blowing on your own flute.

Lordani662876d ago

Because I am an asshole, I am very harsh and sincere.

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TheVigilanteCode2877d ago

It's great that Tekken is finally coming to PC. It should as it's a 3rd party title after all. I'd get it day one.

First off, talking about display lag of a panel being an upper hand for the PC version is laughable because a console player can use that VERY SAME display panel with his games and assuming EVERY PC player (to be accurate, "EVERY PC TEKKEN 7 PLAYER") is gonna play on a display panel with less than 5 MS of display lag is even more ludicrous, even for an assumption.

Fighting games, in general are a console genre (and moderately Arcade in specific territories), no two ways about it. Just like MOBA's or Arena FPS' like Quake or Unreal are PC mainstays, even though they have appeared on consoles in the past. Fighters are THE MOST highest competitive form of e-sport in videogames, ever, period. Even the mighty Arena shooters of the 90's/00's, Quake & Unreal come in a distant second place in terms of skill ceiling in a competitive videogame, when they are directly compared with fighting games. Let alone other games that are highly competitive like Starcraft etc. Modern "e-sport" oriented titles which bring in big numbers in both view count and prize pools, like DOTA2/CSGO/LOL etc don't even come close to the skill level of fighting games, so much that it isn't even funny.

This is nothing to brag about consoles being superior or some of that reddit PCMR superiority crap. It's just that consoles are the home of fighting games, hardcore action games with the highest skill involved (Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta etc), ARPG's, JRPG's etc. All of these genre's move around 10:1 sales lifetime when compared to PC's, that it's actually embarrassing to even compare a PC to a console - with Dark Souls being the only exception, from the list of genre I mentioned. Developers obviously would write/develop the console versions as the definitive versions of their games and put maximum effort into them being perfect from an input lag standpoint for fighting games (or arcade perfect if it's an arcade port, like Tekken 7 here is), barring IQ which PC will always get better than a console (at least in most cases).

But for longevity, the PC fighting game players will ALWAYS be at the mercy of the console pool of players, which last almost a decade, with crossplay. The more developers opt-in crossplay with PC/PS4 or PC/Xbox One, the better ONLY for the PC community, who are the tiniest of a fringe minority in fighting games. It's an upcoming genre which is starting to take off on PC's, specifically post 2011/2012, and fortunately with the new consoles released around a year later and both SONY and Microsoft not minding it, the PC population don't have a problem finding games, in games with crossplay enabled. The games would have died online within 2 weeks (or a month tops), if they weren't crossplay.

The upper hand, in fighting games have ALWAYS been on consoles, and WILL stay that way as long as the traditional console cycle continues to exist. Nothing wrong or to feel "inferior" about this fact or be defensive of the PC. The vast majority of the console players are all good mannered people who don't care who they are playing against, barring a few bad apples (the likes which we call "CoD" kids) which we can find on a daily basis if we could boot up a game of DOTA 2 or CSGO with the same level of maturity. They exist on all platforms.

All this is coming from a PC player who has never owned a console before, aside from an NES (but everyone had one of those ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

Hope we could spar online in a FT10 set when the game launches. Cheers :)

onisama2876d ago

the down vote on ur comment show how dumb u sound

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DigitalRaptor2877d ago

I suppose an article such as this is going to be written every time a publisher replies to this question on Twitter. Regardless of whether or not it's true, it's clearly going to be made out like that publisher already had plans in process for cross-play and are being stopped. The headline doesn't represent exactly what was said in context, but that's how it was reported. The truth is that most of these publishers are not even thinking about cross-play on consoles.

It might happen one day, but as of now it doesn't bother me in the slightest, with the amount of players available on any given game on any given day. I don't know how anyone could find a reason why a lack of cross-play would irk them, unless they are looking for a specific angle of attack.

Hoffmann2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Well said. But hey..clicks clicks clicks...

I played TTT2 yesterday on PS3, even after 4 years it still has enough players it seems. Had to wait only 1-2 minutes for new opponents and it was not much better years ago due to how the netcode of that game is working.

I mean..that's damn cool.

edit: Damn..even Tekken 6 still has players? wow.

PurpHerbison2877d ago

Dude I played Tekken6 online a couple weeks ago and was able to find lobbies. Netcode is absolutely trash in Tekken6 but I was still surprised people were playing.

freshslicepizza2877d ago

The more pressure put on Sony the better, until they finally address what is really going on. Of course when you have supporters who defend them about any decisions including EA Access and it's no wonder they are not going to do what some fans want. Amazing how when it was with pc it is nice perk but with Xbox once again some people love the segregation between the two. I guess console wars is still important to some