Square Enix pulls Tecmo buyout bid

Square Enix has formally pulled its buyout proposal for Tecmo. In a press release issued early today, the company said that it had determined continuing negotiations with Tecmo based off the conditions set in its original proposal would be difficult, and that it has thus canceled the offer.

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Stryfeno23877d ago

Somewhere millions of droids are crying.

pwnsause3877d ago

you do know tecmo out there is making wii games instead of xbox games. you sad bot.

White-Sharingan3877d ago

glad to see a company quit when the other company denies the buyout

Im looking at you EA ;[

DA_SHREDDER3877d ago

Yes I played NG2 and I liked it alot. Im still trying to figure out what you mean about droids actually crying about this.. I mean its not like it would have affected anything really. You need to get out more often cause you've obviously been living under a rock. The ps3 is infinitely better then a 360.

tocrazed4you3877d ago

Wants to merge with Koei so they still get cash in than having it been bought out by square where they will just get paid for their stock.

Fade_Walker3877d ago

So much for a DOA or Ninja Gaiden RPG.

At least Square Enix knows when to quit...EA :(

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