Smash 4 Is Now The Highest Selling Smash Bros

We have a new king of Smash, at least sales wise. The fourth entry in the Super Smash Bros series is now the highest selling game in the series with 13.13 million copies sold, beating Super Smash Bros Brawl for the crown.

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wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

"B-b-but, Nintendo should go third party!!"
Suck it, haters. This shows that Nintendo has the potential to do just fine with home and handheld combined, despite the rise of phone games and the popularity of competing systems, so quit port begging.

iTechHeads899d ago

The 3DS version sold best, and by a large margin.
If it wasn't for the 3DS version, this would be the lowest selling ever, which would make sense considering the flop that the Wii U is.

Big_Game_Hunters899d ago

The Wiiu version still outsold Most PS4 exclusives, if not all.

LucasRuinedChildhood899d ago

Don't bother with the common sense.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

And yet it would still be a high-selling exclusive regardless, compared to many games on more popular systems.
Nintendo haters need to step down off of their high horses; Nintendo doesn't need the help of rival consoles to make profit off of Nintendo's first party software.

RosweeSon899d ago

Yet it still sold more than 5 million on Wii U last time I checked they only had 13 million console owners yet last gen with systems in the region of 80 million owners/users each (PS3/360) but games like tomb raider (1st reboot) and some other amazing games struggled to sell that amount of games, sure it's an established franchise but when that's well over a 1/3 of owners have bought the game that's not too bad. Clearly Brawl was the beast tho, these new ones are fantastic tho. Massive.

kitsune451899d ago

Just an FYI...the whole point of having a hardware platform is to sell OTHER publisher's content and make a profit off licensing for their games. Exclusives are used to lure players into the hardware platform and make a killing off other properties like GTA or CoD. The fact that Nintendo is only able to sell their games on the Wii U is the worst case scenario. They are investing in a game that would sell better on other platforms but getting none of the profit from other parties licensing. The best case scenario would be to invest as little into your own games as possible while making a profit off licensing.

blawren4899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Why must you qualify it? Just to downplay the success? No other company has a viable handheld, why should it not be included?

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shloobmm3899d ago

Well yes that's what happens when there is nothing else to play on the console. The games that are worthwhile sell more. Common sense here. Smash selling good doesn't make the WiiU a success nor does it help Nintendo's situation this generation.

Maybay899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Contrary to your belief; it kinda does. Yes - Wii U sales have been lacking, though it's software where consoles also make their money. If you look at the sales of the Wii U's exclusive, it's incredible what the system has accomplished with an install base of 13 and a half million.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago

That's only common sense to haters and the uninformed, because despite popular belief, the lack of multiplats does not mean there aren't a nice amount of high-quality games on the system.

Segata899d ago

Turbografx16,Saturn,Dreamcast, Gamecube,Vita,Game Gear,Wonderswan,Neo Geo anything and Wii U all sold less than the competitors but were still loaded to the brim with amazing exclusives. Just because something didn't sell the most does not mean it can't be a great system unless we are talking CDi or 3D0 or even Jaguar.

RosweeSon899d ago

And yet the article wasn't even remotely about that but of course had to bring the old Nintendo doom and gloom into preceedings. ZZZZ people must be real bored to just continually spout ah this is bad they suck, throw around the word gimmicks a few times, hey guess any publicity is good publicity best to be talked about than completely under the radar and forgotten. No one is forgetting Nintendo anytime soon and people still banging on the doom and gloom.
Pokemon go,
New Zelda
NES mini classic,
2 new Pokemon and limited editions and limited consoles to go with it.
New NX Console?!
That doesn't sound like a company short of ideas or future income. Even if the new system wasn't a success the rest of their Empire will see them through, bit like Sony have Tv's films laptops, phone amongst many other avenues of revenue (sure somee not that successful at moment) but ps4 is banging it I love mine since day one same with Wii U yet I'm still happy to wait until Oct to finally get an Xbox One now that there's something going on there? 2-3 years after launch, the best company's always have multiple pies to put their fingers into its called not chucking all your eggs in one basket.

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Idiedgoodbye899d ago

The disillusion is strong with this one ͡° ͜ʖ

Darkfist_Flames899d ago

lol, isnt that combined with the handheld, with that huge install base, i mean come on, each fanboy at least bought the game twice, just shows what kind of games the install base will support, maybe they shouldv put bayonetta 2 in the 3DS xD

hells_supernova899d ago

The Wii U sold 4.80 million copies, meaning it is currently the lowest selling in the series.

Direct quote. I think the haters have a point

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

The haters are ignoring that 4m for an exclusive on the least popular system is still good numbers, especially when many games on more popular systems don't break those numbers.
The haters have a bias, not a point.XD
@ Tef
That's an uninformed opinion; between 3DS and Wii U, there are tons of indies and third party games to supplement the exclusives.

Teflon02899d ago

Are you forgetting that exclusives is all nintendo has
Nintendo you basically have no choice but the exclusives.
Playstation, extremely big variety, alot of exclusives too but full 3Rd party support
Same with xbox just not as much exclusives but a good bit as well as extreme 3Rd party support

Erik7357899d ago

Imagine if wiI u actually sold good, there would of been way more copies of this game sold!

Movefasta1993899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

how in the world are you going to brag about sales,when the wiiu was a flop compared to it's competition?Sony and soft made waaaaaaay more money off of software sales,heck,sony made more money off of psn alone.

Lime123899d ago

But you don't care about sales. If you do then you would know that last quarter PS4 outsold 3DS and Wii U COMBINED 3:1 and PlayStation division made half a billion dollars profit and Nintendo reported 200 million loss. It's going to be rough next 3 quarters for Nintendo. I hope they will be profitable this fiscal year.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

You're only counting losses and expenditures on Nintendo's part and completely ignoring that Sony has had losses and expenditures that far outweigh what Nintendo has.
That on top of the fact that Nintendo's various marketing deals using their IP's for stuff like Amiibo, Poke-GO, clothing and apparel, hell even Nintendo-character-themed cafes, have been bringing Nintendo attention and profit from many more areas.

Just because Sony's doing well, doesn't mean you need to worry about Nintendo's finances, even by comparison.

Lime123899d ago

Sony had losses? As a whole? I'm talking only about PlayStation division since whole Nintendo is basically one gaming division. Sadly, I don't see Nintendo being profitable this fiscal year mainly duo terrible Wii U and 3DS sales. Horrible software sales also. I mean, PS4 in 2,5 years sold 270 million games. 3DS took 5 years to reach 270 million games.

I hope NX won't be home console because it would be another flop like Wii U, N64, NGC,...

Amiibo, poke-go making money still Nintendo reported biggest quarterly loss in 5 years? Next 3 quarters will be brutal for Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago

Sony's PSV sales have been dragging their gaming dept down, whereas Nintendo's software sales between Wii U and 3DS have been doing splendidly despite the lower number of Wii U units sold.
They've been making profit for ages now, more than enough to balance out whatever losses they've taken by putting money into NX R&D.
The NX being a home console won't guarantee that its a flop, either.

Lime123899d ago

Fantastic numbers for Wii U exclusive! I wish other Wii U games sell this well:

PS4 - 270.9 million games sold after 2,5 years

Wii U - 88.72 million games sold after 3,5 years

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lastking95899d ago

Nearly bout a wii U for this game. The only nintendo exclusive that sells me the console.

lastking95899d ago

Not a zelda fan plus it's milked to death

81BX899d ago

Whaaaa? Its funny because i know not one type of game will appeal to every single gamer but i absolutely love zelda. Ocarina will always be a classic in my eyes

PhoenixUp899d ago

While this is a great accomplishment, it's a shame that the Wii U version hasn't sold more than the N64 original yet

Darkfist_Flames899d ago

i thought the wiiu version is gona end up selling more, since its the superior one, but i guess many didnt bother since they already played the 3ds one.

PhoenixUp899d ago

It should be no surprise that the 3DS version sold more

RosweeSon899d ago

Not when it has at least 4 times the amount of systems sold no.

TheColbertinator899d ago

Of course it sold high numbers. Lucina and Robin are the best

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