1UP: Spore Review

Leave it to iconic game designer and Maxis cofounder Will Wright to one-up his own work on The Sims. While his dollhouse/life-drama simulator became phenomenally successful, he didn't just sit back and collect simoleans. After making a game about human lives, he started working on (and has finally released) Spore, which Wright himself nicknamed "SimEverything," since its focus extends beyond humanity and tackles life on a...well, galactic scale.

If you really need a quick one-line summary of what Spore is, 1UP would describe it as "intelligent design via minigames." The Spore "plot" (it's got one, honest) is about your species' multistage journey from panspermia all the way to the center of the galaxy. You start your run of minigames with the Cell stage (where you're just a single-celled organism munching at whatever you can get) and work your way through the Creature, Tribal, Civilization, and Space stages.

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vitz34320d ago

1000% in agreement with that score. It's a good game but not the greatest we all hoped it would be. Hype can be a game's undoing. When you break it down, it acutally is a pretty shallow game. The creations are nothing more than "skins" with various stats thrown in, the AI rarely differs between a few set types.

Now LBP, totally NOT overhyped. The creation aspect will be MUCH better than what we all hoped Spore would be.

Spore's a good game, worth a buy and 1up hit it right on the head.