Nintendo NX Launch Won’t Have Take-Two Support

Take-Two Interactive won't have any titles ready for the NX launch. Is this a sign of things to come in terms of future third-party support for Nintendo NX?

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Kalebninja2307d ago

Here we go, really fishing for views with that headline aren't you? You took "no impact from the Nintendo NX during the current fiscal year" and made "Nintendo NX Launch Won’t Have Take-Two Support"

AndrewR2306d ago

Exactly. The fact that they even mentioned it during a business meeting, I would interpret that as they are going to support it, but they won't see any of the money this financial year, probably because if the console launches in March, Take Two won't see any money from game sales until weeks later ie. it will not be counted this fiscal year, or that the console release date is late March.

Seriously reaching with that headline #clickbate.

3-4-52306d ago

* Apptrigger lies.

don't even click it.

wonderfulmonkeyman2305d ago

Articles like this serve to reinforce my belief that there's a heavy anti-Nintendo bias in the gaming community right now.

Lime1232305d ago

Yep, Nintendo is the least popular brand on the market at the moment, behind king Sony and Microsoft.