The Escapist: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Fans of Viva Pinata have spent many fruitless hours trying to convince non-believers that there was a genuine game lurking beneath that adorable paper animal exterior. Critics loved it, but 360 owners stayed away in droves, writing off Viva as just another kids' game connected to a stupid cartoon. As it turns out, they were smart to hold off, because Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is not just a bigger and better sequel, it's the game Viva Pinata should have been all along.

Bottom Line: Trouble in Paradise is the perfect sequel. It smoothes out the rough patches that made Viva Pinata frustrating and adds loads of new animals, items, and features.

Recommendation: If you enjoyed the first Pinata, picking up Trouble in Paradise is a no-brainer, but get it even if you gave the first game a pass. Yes, it's cute and kid-friendly, but you'll be surprised at how satisfying raising those paper animals can be.

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