GT Sport, Forza Horizon 3, Asseto Corsa and Project C.A.R.S. - No B.S. Comparasion - Cars & Tracks

Cars and Tracks In this department, none of the games are really lacking, although some may have more content than others. Starting with Forza Horizon 3, it has no real circuits, but the open road through the Australian outback is vast and you can also go off-road.

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Sonyslave32307d ago

Forza Horizon 3 all the way .

XanderZane2306d ago

Already preordered it. Forza 5, 6 and Forza Horizon 2 all sold millions of copies. Doesn't matter if it sells as much as GT, as GT series has been around since the PS1 and has a stronger Euro & Japan following of gamers then the Forza series. This is why it sells more copies. Forza series has been getting better reviews then GT over the past 5-6 years. GT sales have also been dropping. Neither GT5 or GT6 has sold as well as GT3 & GT4. What was shown of GT7 Sport wasn't much of a leap above GT6. We'll have to wait for the release and see how it does this round.

Lime1232306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Actually GT5 (11,950,000) sold better than GT4 (11,760,000). Only GT3 sold better than GT5 and GT3 was heavily bundled with PS2 in US. I didn't see any Forza game this gen reaching 2 million copies sold.

GT sells better than Forza because it's longer on market? Gran Turismo 1 sold 10,850,000 so that's twice as much as biggest selling Forza game.

Overload2306d ago


They would rather deal in misinformation.

XanderZane2304d ago

Last time I had checked GT5 numbers then were just over 8 million sold. GT5 was also bundled as well with the PS3. Look at GT6 sales though (4,960,000). That's a pretty huge drop. I think both Forza & Forza Horizon has sold over 2 million units on XB1.

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InMyOpinion2306d ago

Assetto Corsa has the most advanced driving physics of the lot. But it doesn't seem very fun to me. Neither does Project Cars. Feels soulless somehow.

FH3 would be a given if I owned an XB1. As a Ps4 owner I really hope GT Sport delivers, although I have my doubts. The driving physics and audio have been falling behind in the past releases, with the cars feeling stiff and robotic. They need to make it feel more alive.

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TXIDarkAvenger2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

How does GT Sport appeal to you but not Assetto Corsa? Not hating on your opinion, just curious. Having played GT5 and AC, the more fun game to me is the one with the better driving physics rather than which one has the most cars/tracks. Mod support is also a huge plus for me.

InMyOpinion2304d ago

Fair question. GT Sport appeals more to me more mainly due to its wider array of old & more casual cars, and the ability to tune and style them. The more fleshed out career mode is also plus.

But I have no doubt that Assetto Corsa will have better driving physics. As I said I'm a bit doubtful about the physics in GT Sport seeing how GT5 and GT6 were leaps and bounds behind Forza and the others.

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