XCOM 2 Delayed To September 30, 2K Promises More Polished Product

It’s just a short delay, so it’s nothing to get too bent out of shape over.
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Fist4achin2677d ago

I don't mind delays. I think overall it's for the better than just releasing an unfinished, buggy piece of crap.

yeahright22677d ago

I agree to a point. When it gets to arkham knight levels (ie, when you know there's no way you're going to make it) don't announce it.

RPG12012673d ago

Will compete with FFXV... bold move.


Fashion House Bulgari Has Created A Vision Gran Turismo Car And Matching Watch

As the Vision Gran Turismo concept car initiative celebrates 10 years, Bulgari has collaborated with Polyphony Digital to create a watch-inspired car for Gran Turismo 7 alongside a limited-edition chronograph. In order to drive the car in the game, you must buy the watch.


“Survival horror and VR go well together” - Producer Hints possible VR Version for the RE Series

In a very recent development, Capcom has announced that the VR mode for the “Resident Evil 4” remake is scheduled to be added on the 8th of December as an update and will support the full main story campaign, offering an unprecedented gaming experience to its users. However, RE Series fans have another reason to rejoice as there is a possibility that RE Series might get a VR Version in the future.

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Abnor_Mal2h ago

This I would welcomed, haven’t replayed any of the older games since released years ago. VR would definitely get me to replay them all again. Make it happen Capcom.

MrBaskerville2h ago

Psvr2 version of Re7 and Re2Remake would be fire.

Vanfernal46m ago

Spencer Mansion in VR would be AMAZING. That is my favorite video game setting of all time.


“Ship of Fools” has just released its “Fish & Ships” content update for consoles

"The Wakefield-based (the UK) indie games publisher/developer Team 17 and Quebec-based (Canada) indie games developer Fika Productions, are today very happy and proud to announce that they have just released the “Fish & Ships” content update for "Ship of Fools" (their frenzied action roguelike co-op game) to consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch) via digital stores (the said update is also aavailable for PC via Steam)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.