Wrath of the Lich King Date, Price

Kotaku writes: "According to several different store employees, the game will be streeting on November 4 for $40."

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KingDizzi3881d ago

Blizzard should make a CGI movie, they are incredibly talented and they sure do have the money to do it. WOW is a fantastic game but I actually had to give it up due to becoming addicted to the game a few years ago, almost stopped me from getting the grades to study dentistry.

ICUP3881d ago

$40 for a second job, no thank.

AllseeingEye3881d ago

MMO's are very much like a second job and they can be a huge time sinc.

Baba19063881d ago

im glad warhammer is coming. i have had it with wow =(. i dont think this addon will change much.

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