Prey – First official in-game screenshots released

Bethesda has released the first proper screenshots for Prey. Prey is powered by the CRYENGINE and these shots showcase what gamers can expect from it.

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1907d ago
GTgamer1907d ago

Eh the bounty hunter style looks more interesting and fun

Rivitur1907d ago

Now the question is how long before we see a Kickstarter campaign for a prey 2 inspired bounty hunter game set in space?

GTgamer1907d ago

Shoot let me know when that happens I'll be the first to donate

Austin481907d ago

This game looks amazing I can't wait.

Erik73571907d ago

It does actually look amazing. Reminded me a little bit of half life. Looks early in development.

Sciurus_vulgaris1907d ago

Why is this game called Prey?

Erik73571907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Yea I'm confused , is this prey the same universe as the other preys? Or is this a whole new IP?!

Sciurus_vulgaris1907d ago

Well the time period is different, as are the characters. Also the original Prey got it's name because the aliens were harvesting people as food (i.e Prey). These certainly aren't the same aliens from the original game, the powers your character has are also different. This is a new IP, using an old name for the shake of marketing.

Austin481907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

It's a reboot.

Relientk771907d ago

Looks interesting, wanna see more

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