The iPhone Handles 1080P Video Just Fine

Gizmodo writes: "Logically speaking, it shouldn't be a huge surprise. But a friend in the industry told us that they've seen H.264 1080P video playing on the iPhone, quite a few times, with no problems at all. Of course, the resolution is absurd overkill for the system's screen, but what's this mean in light of the purported iTunes 8 HD? Potentially a lot."

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Vip3r4329d ago

But who's going to watch a 1080p film on a 4inch screen?

VF34EJ254328d ago

It's just a 1080p signal downscaled to whatever the resolution of the iPhone is.

Whooptie doo.

enzobot244328d ago

Right you are. But this means we might get HD television shows and possibly HD films through our computers (rather than through that abortion called AppleTV).

DailyAddict4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Gizmodo is retarded. H.264 is a type of compression for mpeg-4 Part 10 (AVC) files, it's not high definition. Secondly, there are plenty of multimedia phones that support H.264 files with more on the way, so this is nothing special for the iPhone. Third, if you want an idea of what the video quality would be like, take a PSP and connect it to your TV. That's H.264 coming from a handheld and transferred to a TV. It's not high def. It's marginally better than standard TV, but far from High-Def. For those unaware, Gizmodo is a professional Apple wangsucker so this isn't surprising to see him try to present something for more than it actually is.

ar4328d ago

Actually H.264 is MPEG-4 part 10.

Cynical-Gamerzus4328d ago

1080p?? on a 320 by 480 screen !! oxymoron!!!!

Common how stupid do you think we are??
Fkin idiots!!