Xbox One S is Out; Should Sony Follow Suit with PS4 Slim?

Microsoft's latest Xbox One S has hit retail this week; TNT debates whether it would be a good idea for Sony to follow up with a slimmed-down PS4.

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ziggurcat858d ago

the PS4 slim is pretty much inevitable at this point since Sony has released a slim model every single time they've released a console.

darthv72858d ago

PS4 is already pretty svelte so this could be the time when they don't make a slim. The intention to revise the system is when there is cost cutting involved and trying to spark new interest in it to consumers who don't already have one. Console remodels are nothing new but they are also nothing that is required unless the company feels it is time to make one.

A few notable platforms that got remodels: 2600, NES, Master System, Genesis, SNES, 3DO, PS1, PS2, 360, PS3

A few that didn't: Colecovision, N64, Saturn, Jaguar, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox (OG)

Sometimes the design is fine the way it is and other times they find ways to make it smaller to save $$ in production. Sony could make a few changes like using physical buttons and a revised board with smaller chips so the existing cooling system is more efficient but as to its existing style, it is pretty good the way it is. It doesn't have any trouble selling so that is usually a big reason for a remodel.

DragonDDark857d ago

Didn't Sony already say that there will be a slim version or am I making stuff up?

Nitrowolf2857d ago


A rumor said that a slim model would be coming out at the same time as PlayStation Neo

UltraNova857d ago

There are two options here, one is to release the slim along with the neo and risk one taking sales from the other or second do not release a slim at all then discount the vanilla ps4 and release only the neo then if things go south for the neo they can always release a ps4 slim.

Look if we think that MS's decesion to release scorpio next year and xb1 s now was propably going to hurt the latter what do you think would happen if Sony released both the ps4 slim and Neo at the same time?

OB1Biker857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Hasn't the PS4 released from last year already got mechanical buttons?
Slim doesn't have to be much slimmer but can just be up to date with features similar to the xb1 S since Sony said the base model with be sold throughout the PS4 life cycle just the same as the PS4K Neo

andrewsquall857d ago

@Nitrowolf2 More than likely Neo IS the slim console and the standard PS4 model will be replaced with this slimmer version also.

freshslicepizza857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

if sony decides to release a ps4 slim and the ps4 neo it just goes to show they can't get away from tradition (coming out with a slim model every generation). the ps4 is already sleek enough and there really is no reason for them to have 3 systems out there at once. the xbox one needed a redesign. it was too big and the power adapter was also big. the xbox one 2 will also replace the current xbox one once stocks diminish.

there are rumors however about amd chips being the reason but we shall see about that but sony has done everything right thus far with the ps4 but they are probably a bit worried about how the ps4 neo might get some negative feedback. especially if it looks like psvr is struggling on the current ps4. i expect the ps4 neo to come out this year along with psvr and i doubt we will see a ps4 slim unles the rumors are true about amd chips.

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Yetter857d ago

with the neo still predicted to be coming out this year I'd say a PS4 slim is pretty unlikely

OB1Biker857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Not at all. IMO it makes sense to release a 'slim' (or at least up to date/improved) base model at the same time as the so called high end Neo and offer the choice between two different but up to date models. Better than one model and then the next year a different model.
Sony said base model and high end model will be both available tthroughout the PS4 life cycle.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

Huh? Why?

PS4 Slim is legit all but confirmed at this point. That is like saying a Madden game is coming out....

Aenea857d ago

Not this again, "all but confirmed" when all we have to go on is rumours...

Yes, normally they do release a slim, but normally they also don't release a mid-gen upgrade with a performance boost like the Neo so this time around it *might* be different.

So I find "all but confirmed" a tad too premature!

Shubhendu_Singh857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

There won't be a PS4 Slim, as they have no real need for it.

PS4 design as of now STILL rivals Xbox One S.
And you have to be pretty bad at predicting these things if you expect Sony will do a PS4-slim, the PSVR(400$) and a PS4Neo(+400$?) all in the same year. You can easily strike off PS4-Slim this way from the equation.

@Edmix : No it makes perfect sense. Why would Sony introduce 3 devices in the same 2-3 month and take a heavy loss because there is only so much the target audience can spend. Spreading out the devices launch, just like spreading out the games launch lineup is an obvious marketing strategy. If a person has only 400$, he will go for only 1 device. While if (assume) the 3rd device or something was launched later say March or something, then maybe that same 400$ person might get interested to buy it. Try to understand.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

? No. That makes zero sense.

Dir_en_grey857d ago

Sony doesn't need to, the original PS4 is already smaller and more powerful than the XBOS.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

What does that have to do with making a smaller more efficient PS4?

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Loktai858d ago

Considering overall dimensions of the PS4 are still smaller than the S... and with a revised sku coming out... no need at this time to make a slim standard ps4 IMHO, but later it would be nice as a budget sku, like the PSONE and the super slim PS3.

Rimeskeem857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

I believe the S is smaller than the PS4.

Well then the article I read lied to me.


I believe you are wrong...
Depth yes, hight and length its bigger then the ps4.

857d ago
Rimeskeem857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

What's the point? The NEO is coming out soon.

nitus10857d ago

The point is to have a 4K BluRay player with HDMI 2.0 or better. Sure there may be a minor performance boost but overall the PS4 and the PS4 (slim or Neo) would not be in direct competition. Basically, if you want to play 4K BluRay and games then you get the so-called "Slim" otherwise if don't have a 4K TV and don't really plan on getting one in the foreseeable future then the PS4 which would be cheaper is for you.

Personally, I don't mind the wait for the PS5 when it comes out, by then 8K displays will be the norm.

Rimeskeem857d ago

But the NEO should have all the features. IDK, it's possible but at this rate there is no need to come out with a new PS4.

BLow857d ago

That's all nice and well but I could have sworn reading comments on here several times that not many people have 4k TVs . Now all of a sudden it's like everyone has one....hmmm. Maybe I'm missing something. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony released a slim model though but I'm just not sure if it's coming this year.
Other the other hand MS is doing all they can do to stimulate X1 sales so they need it more than Sony at the moment.
For me, if the Scorpio wasn't releasing so soon I would have pick up a slim but I'm just going to wait and have the best of both worlds. 4k and 6tflops...blah blah blah.

uth11857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

8K won't be the norm when the PS5 comes out because 4K isn't even quite mainstream yet

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

To offer a replacement for the normal PS4.

Whats the point of XB S? Sooooooo it makes sense MS is making a XB Slim and a upgrade, but Sony will only make a upgrade? LMFAO!

No buddy. They would have the same reasons for making a new, slimmer sku as they are the company that even started doing this in the first place. The concept of "enough" doesn't work in business and I have no clue why folks use this strange logic as "what's the point"

Soooooooo making money isn't the goal or? LOL! Don't open a business, trust me.

Rimeskeem857d ago

The Scorpio is coming out next year 2017 and the NEO is rumored for this year. I don't think they will release a completely new PS4.

marquisray857d ago

And ps5 after so should u buy a neo

XXanderXX857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Why , makes no sense seeing how PS4 is selling 2-1 according to every site out there . plus what would separate the Slim from PS4.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

PS2 was selling, they still released a slim.

PS3 was selling....they still released a slim.

The concept of enough doesn't exist in business and I have no clue what you or many on here are talking about. Don't make more money? Don't make are re-design? LMFAO! WHY?

If anything, it makes NO SENSE NOT TO! You nor anyone on here have even provided any real logical reason for them NOT to make a slimmer design.

"What would separate the Slim from PS4" I don't know bud, what likely did PS1, PS2 and PS3 Slim LMFAO!

Soooooo even with them doing it 3 times, you expected them to not do it a fourth based on "makes no sense" LOL!

History makes no sense to you bud, you should be seriously looking at it.

XXanderXX857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Cause the model they have is slim enough and what on god green earth could they possibly add feature wise that will cause people to actually buy it over the PS4 out now . Also this is a different PlayStation division one who somewhat is holding sony up as stated by company executives , they are more self reliant on making better decision than when they released those other slim models . Seem best to just ride out the success of this model and release a whole new model as a next gen console ,while using said resources for games . JMO

yeahright2857d ago

Yes, but there was no PS2 Neo or PS3 Neo. From everything I've read it seems like the PS4 Neo is shaping up to land somewhere between the x1s and scorpio, so It can easily act as the PS4 slim.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

@XXander- PS2 was slimmer then XB.

It still had a slim version. Is history just allergic to you or?

What is "enough"? lol To any company, such a concept doesn't really exist.

"Seem best to just ride out the success of this model" Because they've done that before?

I seriously need to just look up some history bud, if you ever want to know what a company will do, look at what they've done in the past.

The PS4 slim should not be news to you, we should not be having this debate...JUST like 3DS having a XL, NX will have their XL, NX Lite etc. I don't know what to tell you bud, that is like being shocked a burger place has a drive thru......

Why would they STOP doing what has worked for them? The reasons you just stated apply to all the past PS platforms buddy. You don't know what PS5 will have in it, so why would they save some design for a platform not yet made? As if they can't make many designs? LOL!


@yea- What does that have to do with PS4 slim? PS4 Neo is not a Slim, Sony has even confirmed Neo is indeed a more powerful PS4, NOT a mere sku replacement.

Do we not have XBs and Scorpio? I mean......did any of you seriously NOT look at other examples before forming such opinions? LOL!

PS4 Slim is to replace the current sku, PS4 Neo IS NOT a replacement of the PS4 sku, it will be ALONGSIDE the new sku, MIND YOU, BOTH can have the new design.

Neither of you have even given great reasons why they shouldn't make a new sku to replace the current PS4.

Neo is not a replacement sku, it won't be the same power, it won't be the same price.....

Look at what MS is doing with XBONE S and Scorpio please, dear god ....THE EXAMPLE ALREADY EXIST yet you're coming up with this strange theory lol why?

yeahright2856d ago

@ED, I wasn't giving reasons why they shouldn't. if you read what I said, I talked about the Neo ACTING as the PS4 slim. to put it in simpler terms. I was saying why they didn't *need* to make a PS4 slim, not that the PS4 Neo is the slim.

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neutralgamer1992857d ago

if neo is a 2017 than i think there should be a new model for ps4 with 4k player and hdr

but i seriously doubt sony will release one

i think neo is the next ps4

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

Neo is this fall....

Slim is very likely this fall too. BOTH are the next PS4 skus bud, Sony has sorta always had many skus...

sk8ofmnd857d ago

I think it would be almost ingenious to release a slim ps4 and put the neo innards inside.

_-EDMIX-_857d ago

@sk8- Both.

They could merely release a PS4 Slim and have a PS4 Neo that is also the design of the slim. (if it makes sense in regards to cost and design)