How 'Super Metroid' Changed Everything in Gaming

It is something of a crime that the Metroid series has long been akin to the forgotten middle child of Nintendo’s family, the one that is oft ignored in favor of its too more prolific and popular siblings: Mario and Zelda. With several top tier games under its belt, and the many iconic moments it’s contributed to the gaming world, the Metroid series is more than deserving of its due among Nintendo’s Big 3.

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gangsta_red808d ago

One of the very best games in gaming history.

Definitely the top 5 games on the SNES. Everything about that game was a masterpiece.

I remember buying it and finishing it on the same day, not because it's short but because I could not stop playing it.

Lon3wolf808d ago

I remember how made up I was when someone bought me Super Metroid, fantastic game for its time.