‘No Man’s Sky’ Gameplay Will Keep Your Speciocide Offline, Destroying Your Sadistic Master Plan

You won't be able to wipe out an entire species in 'No Man's Sky.' That's a gameplay myth. Sorry, would be extinction artists.

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lorettafitzgerald4441870d ago

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KillZallthebeast1870d ago

Look chris evans we get that your version of top gear fell flat on it's face but please stop trolling the internet spouting lies

Lamboomington1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I'm guessing you haven't read Peter's blog yet ? or Sarah's article ? Amateur... isn't that right Liam ?

USMC_POLICE1869d ago

Ah the grammatical errors!

ITPython1870d ago

Sean has said it can be done... However it is about as impossible as impossible gets. These planets on the game are literally planet sized, as in if you were to walk in one direction you would need to walk for months on end just to wrap around the world. And imagine combing an entire earth sized planet for one type of animal and trying to wipe them all out.

So Sean has said it can be done, but it won't for the reaons stated above. Although if some insanely dedicated person is willing to spend several years doing it (I'm looking to a Japanese player for this feat) then don't expect news of this to break on n4g until around 2020.

Master of Unlocking1870d ago

Are you sure that in No Man's Sky the planets have the size of actual real planets? As in, if a planet in the game is generated with the same dimensions as planet Earth, it would take you as long to go around it by foot as what it would take you if you were to trek around our globe?
Not that I wanna doubt what you say, but it's so rare in videogames, sounds almost too good to be true.

That's why all that talk about "x game has a bigger world with XXXXXX km2 than y game" is nonsense, because distances in videogames are never anywhere close to the real thing.
For instance, in GTA V you can walk from the northern most point in Los Santos and go all the way down to the south until you can't walk any further in I believe something like 5 mns, which isn't imaginable in the real Los Angeles, where it would take you hours upon hours to do that. Or in The Crew, you can drive from Los Angeles to New York City in only a tiny fraction of the time it would take any American to actually do it, etc.
But since you sound like you know what you're talking about, eh, I'm even more sold on this game, then.

5p4c3d1870d ago

we will see how it actually pans out, but Sean himself has said there are planet sized planets multiple times and even ones bigger then our own earth.

one2thr1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Yes, the planets in NMS are "planet sized", and their sizes vary.

I finally cracked and watched one of the early streams, this guy was on a planet that took him sometime to navigate with his spaceship, but once he made it to space that same planet turned out being a moon to a much larger planet.

And in another video, someone was given the objective to find a broken ship, the waypoint stated that if he were to walk that distance, he would arrive in 9 real life hours.... 9 hours, to travel on foot, which ended up being greatly reduced after he flew to it with his spaceship

The scale is incredible.

iceman061870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I watched a stream tonight for about 30 min. The planets and moons have proper dimensions. They aren't all Earth sized, much like our own solar system, there are larger and smaller bodies.
Now, to cover more terrain, you have a jump pack. (it requires resources to charge) But, you don't have to walk everywhere. This was just one small system of 5 planets and 2 moons. So, I'd imagine there is a great amount of diversity. When he zoomed out to show the map. There were literally about 25 systems of varying sizes near him. (he couldn't get to most of them until he upgrades his hyperdrive)

ITPython1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Yeah, we talking to-scale with our own planet (although I'm sure sizes vary from bigger than earth to smaller).

Thinking about how most games work these days, the size of a game is all down to how big of an area the devs actually build with pre-baked buildings, streets etc. But see the devs have to build it, like a Hollywood set-piece in a movie. So it is limited to how much the devs choose to build. Whereas with NMS the whole universe is built using a mathematical algorithm and procedural generation. And it is done on the fly as you go places in the game, which means it literally gets built right in front of your eyes.

Its not random either, as everybody in the game will see the exact same planet and same everything on that planet if they goto those same coordinates.

The really neat thing is that the very first planet you start out on, it is highly unlikely any of the devs have ever seen it. And it is very likely you will be the only person to ever see that planet and whatever ends up being generated on it. Its really near stuff! Just the concept of how they implemented procedural generation is enough to peak my interest on the game.

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melonfarm3r1869d ago

Couldn't you arrange to have a team of say a hundred players swarm a planet and wipe out one species over the course of a few days?

uth111869d ago

Just try to organize that :)

CrimzonRazor1869d ago

Could a 100 real life hunters wipe out all of earths deer.

fr0sty1869d ago

The problem with that, those 100 players would start the game scattered across a quintillion planet large galaxy, and they'd all have to find their way to your planet, then you'd all have to kill the species, and even then 100 people may not be enough to wipe out a planet's worth of critters.

ITPython1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The way Sean describes how this game works is that small impacts you do to a planet are only stored locally. And only if its a quite large impact will it be available for others to see.

So I am not sure how this game shares information between players in close proximity, but if small changes are only stored locally then you can't really team up with players to speed up the process of wiping a species out.

Now if information between players in close proximity is shared (think of it as a closed LAN) then with enough people combing a planet it could theoretically be done much faster. But nobody truly knows how the game will work when two or more players are near each other.

I would think there would be some level of shared local information though. Cause what if you and a buddy figure out a way to meet up at a planet? If the two of you are exploring together then it stands to reason things you do (such as making holes in the ground or shooting animals) would be visible to your buddy as well. So there must be a small amount of normally "local only" stored data that gets shared under the right circumstances.

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BRAN117DON1869d ago

Is this game 60fps on ps4 ?????

JOWAPPO1869d ago

whaaaaatt...?! If I want to commit speciocide then you better come stop me!

We'll make a Star Trek episode out of it, it'll be fun.