Salt and Sanctuary dev: I hate seeing the industry becoming such a toxic place

Ska Studios has in a defence of the delayed arrival of its game Salt and Sanctuary on PlayStation Vita lamented what it sees as the largely modern toxic games fanbase.

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DiscoMan807d ago

You really need to be thick-skinned if you're gonna be in the spotlight. Game development is no pleasure cruise either.

Christopher806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

It's the Internet. No one is teaching people to treat others online the way you would want to be treated in real life. If I developed a game, I'd probably ignore the Internet entirely during that time.

jer1122806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

You know I think ppl are just tired of indie games and Kickstarter over promising stuff that they can't deliver and I'm not saying that it's anyone's fault and salt and Sanctuary is a great game. Look at Mighty number 9 and a lot of other games come out pretty disappointing and I think you see that people are just tired of seeing indie games. Also people bought these consoles for Triple-A and Sony's been pushing Indies so hard and I think people are finally fed up because they want more big-budget games there's no right or wrong that's just the way it is. I mean look at Kickstarter it's pretty much dead no one does it anymore because everyone got burned so bad. Anyway I don't think it's right to be rude to developers and there is a lot of great games that we get from small Studios but I think Sony pushing so many indie games on people is also a problem. This is the second holiday season where their exclusive release schedule is pretty bad. Last year was so Bare Bones for exclusive PS4 holiday. Also I think with all these Triple-A games that are broken not working they want patches people are just tired of getting broken products.

JackStraw806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

good job on writing a paragraph of completely irrelevant bullshit. especially considering your entire argument is based around poor indie production, but yet, this dev's point is validated by even the fanbase of AAA games, who bitch and complain, and even go as far as to threaten and harass, game devs over games that DO deliver stuff they promised. so no, it's not because people are "tired of seeing indie games."

GrubsterBeater806d ago

PS4 has been delivering tons of AAA titles. All those extra indies are just a bonus on top of it. There have been plenty of indie gems released on PS4 so far as well.

You wanna talk barebones? Look at XBOX 9 to 10 months out of the year.

Trez1234806d ago

Holiday this and holiday that...there aren't many people outside xbox hard-core fans that look forward to halo , gears and forza on holiday. Sony has more AAA and more indies, basically they pushing games to gamers instead of advertising the crap out of a single game and repeating the word " blockbuster " again and again ( they love their buzz words).

Find another arguments but the game arguments ain't working anymore and this is from someone who's primary console was 360 last gen. Sony just have alot from East to west. Nobody's falling for that AAAA crap anymore.

And by the way, I and alot of gamers enjoyed salt and sanctuary more than, let's say QB?
We also can't wait for NMS, Wild, tomorrow's children, the new team ninja game etc...indie games are showing ambitions and we gamers love something new.

opinionated806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

"The majority of you have been really awesome and patient, and I'm deeply grateful for that."

So toxic... I'm sick of people labeling communities or entire industries as radioactive and poisonous because a few assholes blew up their Twitter spot. Get over it!

TwoForce806d ago (Edited 805d ago )

That's how is it. People can get over it. But there are some don't.

Edit: Way back then, it was like that and it will continue to do so.

opinionated805d ago

Not only can people not get over it, they created a new term to describe something that has always been there. They keep trying so hard to popularize and normalize it in gamer speak. "Toxic" is so stupid that it triggers me lol. Every time I see it I want to deck someone in the mouth and tell them to grow a pair.

WellyUK805d ago

it's the vocal minority as usual.

JackStraw806d ago

i wish you kids would stop misusing slang invented over 20 years ago. it's tired and old. you're not cool.

JackStraw805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

stalepie, nah, i get laid unlike you, loser. you'll understand when you hit puberty and aren't a little faggot anymore.

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