Watch PES 2017's Visuals, authenticity, and AI

GodisaGeek: " Between Dan and myself, we’ve played over 10 hours of PES 2017, and we decided to break down some of the important facets into easy to digest video chats, with brand new footage I captured myself.

This video is about the visuals, authenticity, and player AI."

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1877d ago
Lng1010101877d ago

That first Suarez goal celebration sequence had me fooled for a second. :O

iistuii1877d ago

Looks good, however have they sorted the AI fouls, or lack of this year?. I played over 3 seasons on PES16 & had 2 yes 2 fouls in all that time. It didn't matter what difficulty i was on. No fouls, no pens, no red/yellow cards no sending offs, why make a football game when half the stuff that happens in a game is missing..Can only hope they addressed it this year.

GodisaGeek1877d ago

Yep, we've done other videos that have fouls, penalties, all sorts in them.

philm871876d ago

Think they could still make the animations a lot better, players still seem a bit robotic. Looks pretty awesome though.