Marvel Ultimate Alliance Review (PS4) ~ Why did they do this? Why? | Thumb Culture

Marvel Ultimate Alliance should have remained a memory. Instead it's a quick cash grab, preying on nostalgia and a terrible, terrible port. A Thumb Culture R...

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Becuzisaid808d ago

If consider buying this once the dlc is in, but only when in sale

kaizokuspy808d ago

It's a really fun game just as I remembered. At any rate the major selling point here is shareplay. Having a friend being able to play with you with only one purchase of the game is quite a benefit. Definitely pick it up if it goes on sale. It's enjoyable and the story is entertaining from a hero fan standpoint

darthv72808d ago

I still play these games on the 360.

hazelamy808d ago

i assume you want a more involved answer than "money"

CrimsonWing69808d ago

What do you mean why? It's the same reason Activision and everyone else this gen is doing these pointless remasters. To make easy money.

gigoran807d ago

remasters being introduced for years, and you wait until now to complain? wow you must have a really big grudge against this game.

there are games from previous generations that are hard to find and worthy of being rereleased so that younger gamers may experience them just as we did when we were young. do you have something against young gamers having fun? are you the fun police?