Pokémon is Dying: Sun and Moon are the Series’ Make or Break Titles

It has been quite a ride, hasn’t it? The Pokémon explosion that began with the first release of the ...

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Nitrowolf21872d ago

Before anyone goes up and bring sales into this,because Pokemon has broken records with pratically every new release, the Author is speaking in terms of the games design being the same throughout the series. I agree, I haven't owned a Pokemon game in a long while because of that same old design that makes nearly all games the same with new skins (you know, like how COD is bashed)

Sun and Moon so far is looking to break away from that traditional story telling, and I for one am extremely excited for this

Abash1872d ago

But to say "Pokemon is Dying" when the whole world went bonkers over Pokemon Go just makes the article sound incredibly misinformed. Either way, people have said that the series has been getting stale for years and it still hasn't stopped it from going strong for 20 years now

mikeslemonade1871d ago

Good I hope it dies. Nintendo needs to make a real pokemon game for the home console.

SweatyFlorida1871d ago

yah...if it specifically said "go" was "dying" sure, if you consider "dying" as just slowing down, sure. Didn't bother clicking article either with a title like that if they don't even know the definition of "dying".

shauzy1870d ago

nintendo needs a bump in its portable hardware is all

FinalFantasyFanatic1871d ago

Well to be technical, I wouldn't call that dying, I would say the series is becoming stagnant like COD is (well the most recent COD games have been more refreshing).

notachance1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

gameplay-wise they can't make significant change else the fanbase would riot duh...

unlike CoD where every release is stand-alone, pokemon games is backward compatible in the sense that you can import your pokemon from previous games. As we all know pokemon breeding is serious business, whats with all the IV, EV, min maxing, skill transfer, etc etc.. they have a carefully balanced 'meta' that's transferred between games, that's why they can't ever significantly change the 'complicated rock, paper, scissor' core gameplay

gintoki7771871d ago

Oh no, a series going on for 20+ years is dying. Give me a break... What do you expect amazing innovation in gameplay, great new Pokemon designs, interesting story, etc,etc, etc. Unfortunately you live on planet earth. Nintendo will do what is best for customers to the extent it also best for their profits and will milk Pokemon till the last drop from the cow's utter. I don't know the numbers but Pokemon is most likely huger than ever thanks to the growing population of earth and demographic of people with technology. So the only thing dying here is the op's taste in naming his articles which bring up you should have just stuck to writing an article about the new gym leader formula.

Jadenkorr0211870d ago

@Nitrowolf2 Since you havent picked up and played any in a long while you are not qualified to talk and this subject. Plenty has changed in each iteration. Its really dumb for someone to open their mouth and spew lies and nonsense, and act like they know what they are talking about.

Nitrowolf21870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I never said I haven't played them. I just said I haven't owned any for a long while. I was simply stating that none of them have really screamed go out and buy me. I usually just borrowed them from my friend or rented at my local rental store.

You mean to tell me that the latest ones before moon and sun don't follow the same story setup? A young trainer starts his journey by capturing pokemon and battling gym leader with a goal of reaching the elite four. all of sudden an organization filled with bad guys threaten the world of pokemon and ur tasked with stopping them.

Every pokemon game has had this exact same plot. You can argue that XY had a different story, and it did, but it still followed that same plot layout. It only fleshed the story out with trainer AZ

Like I stated in the last part of my post, sun and moon looks to be breaking away from that tradition judging from its recent trailer. Gameplay wise, pokemon has always kept it's core design, which is perfectly fine and should stay that way. They've always added changes to it in every new game.

Looking back, this article has a very awful title.

rjason121870d ago

Yeah, but the difference between COD and Pokemon is that while COD stays and does the same thing every installment, pokemon branches out with its spin-offs to do different stuff. The main series shouldn't change much, I mean look at all the different spin-offs. There's snap, Conquest, Stadium, Colosseum, Pokken tournament, Mystery Dungeon, Dash, Puzzle League, etc, etc.

CorndogBurglar1870d ago

The funny thing is that there are already Pokemon games that break the mold and have different gameplay. It has also been tried multiple times in the past.

I mean, that Pokemon Dungeon game came out recently which is totally different.

Point is, if people don't like the standard Pokemon games there are other options that are also good.

I do like what im seeing with Sun and Moon though. Story telling and graphics are different but its clearly the same Pokemon we love.

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masterfox1872d ago

I think the creation of Pokemon from Nintendo traumatized them in the way they think about innovation, for example N64 was groundbreaking but at the same time was the beginning of all problems for Nintendo and if you just think for a bit is also the first time we saw the release of Pokemon!, and since then we haven't seen nothing groundbreaking from them! :O

Foraoise1871d ago

That's not even SORT OF TRUE. LOL

Shubhendu_Singh1871d ago

What fascinating is that this "Pokemon is dying" article shows up when people are crazy over Pokemon Go.

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