Deus Ex PR Says ‘Augs Lives Matter’ Reference Is an “Unfortunate Coincidence”

Eidos Montreal has yet to release an official statement.

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FITgamer1877d ago

Any one getting into fuss over this is beyond ridiculous. It's a damn video game.

Aloy-Boyfriend1877d ago

Why is it so hard for devs to show the middle finger to these easily-offended minority People?

Forn1876d ago

Idk, it's getting ridiculous.

iceman061875d ago

How do we know it's "easily-offended minority people" who are complaining? This article is really just showing a tweet from somebody (who doesn't appear to be the minority that this might be offensive to) who is questioning the slogan's use. Besides, it's not the minority who are "easily-offended" by the slogan that the game borrows from.
Devs shouldn't "show the middle finger" to anybody. They should simply see their vision through and let it be judged. If it's controversial, then explain why it's important to the game and keep it moving. The "offended" parties can then decide to take the word of the devs and play or don't. This way there's no need to purposely offend anybody (I know your middle finger was metaphorical) and no need to coddle. It's okay to disagree and not be all together disagreeable.

1876d ago
Majister-Ludi1876d ago

They should have told the people who got upset to fuck off. Stop acting like black lives are the only ones that matter. All life matters and no one owns that statement. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. Aug lives matter stand up for yourself.

Herpofderpopol1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Its sad that they had to defend it this way. Ya its a reference to the real world, thats not new in a series that has a lot to do with common conspiracy theories. Can someone explain to me why this is even an issue?