Watch the Xbox One S Dismantled Down to its Guts; Shows Tiny Power Supply, Cooling Unit, APU & More

You want to see what’s inside that little sleek Xbox One S body, don’t you? Well, you have come to the right place.

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cell9891877d ago

this is like the 4th article with "power supply" as the head line for the new xbone. Why is everyone so impressed,when Playstation has been doing it since 1995?

gangsta_red1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It's impressive because MS actually used magic pixie dust to shrink the power supply. Sony cornered the fairy kingdom in 95 and made their dust exclusive to the Playstation brand.

So you can see why this is a big deal and how everyone is impressed, the revelation that their are actually pixies is huge.

Hope this answers your question.

HallowedSoul11877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Xbox fans always downplayed sony having built in power supplies now suddenly it's the bees knees lol hypocrites. Same thing happened with blu ray. Just wait till Xbox Scorpio goes lithium ion in the controllers.

At gangsta funny how now an Xbox fan will admit they hated that power brick. Because of who runs Xbox , Xbox fanboys have adapted the spin and repeat cycle. Sony fans always demand more which Is why we get more. Xbox fans just keep making excuses for the things they got so they never get what they really want or it takes 10 years to get.

gangsta_red1877d ago

"Xbox fans always downplayed sony having built in power supplies now suddenly it's the bees knees lol hypocrites."

C'mon, just stop it, Xbox fans didn't care because the power supply sat behind a dresser out of sight. You have to do better than that if you want to make things up.

"Just wait till Xbox Scorpio..."

I'm sure you'll be the first one to comment what the Xbox fans are supposedly doing.

darthv721877d ago

the PSOne used an external power supply akin to the NES / SNES and the PS2 Slim also used an external power supply initially until a revised slim internalized that. So, sony may have started out with internal but they used externals where they felt was needed.

MS has gone from internal (OG xbox) to external (360 / og xb1) back to internal. for some, the internalization is a big deal as it is less clutter. I personally have no preference because I tend to tuck the externals away, out of sight - out of mind.

HallowedSoul11877d ago

Original Xbox was the size of a workstation desktop tho lol so built in psu was a given. I would know I bought it over the ps2.

rainslacker1877d ago

I don't think people really care that much about the power supply being internal or external. If that prevented someone from buying a system, I'd have to question just how much they were into getting one in the first place. The only reason it keeps getting mentioned is because it's a console war thing, and I fear the day that Sony for some reason makes a system with an external power supply....things are gonna get ugly.

Ninte1877d ago

Let the modding begin

WheatBread1877d ago

That heatsink fan is impressive as well.

HallowedSoul11877d ago

I'm still wondering when consoles are getting ssds or m.2 ssds to save space . Heck even sata 3.

DARK_WOLF1877d ago

The xbox one S has a sata 3 connection.

medman1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Considering the 512gb samsung m.2 I bought for my pc was priced above 400 dollars when I bought it, and ditto for the samsung 1 tb regular ssd as well, don't hold your breath. Cost is the concern of consoles....they have to sell large amounts of hardware, and every dollar of price increase decreases their sales numbers. Not to mention the m.2's tend to run hot, and that would be an even bigger concern in the cramped confines of a consoles casing, which also adds more cost and more expense in addition to increasing temperatures.

HallowedSoul11877d ago

yeah but im sure if they wanted they could get a bulk deal ( mass production discount ) going with samsung (partnership whatever to make it happen.). if they want to make consoles smaller and faster theyll have to switch to ssds anyhow hard disk drives are becoming a huge bottleneck even for consoles. i doubt hdd will make it in another generation. build a 3000 dollar pc than throw a hard disk drive in the mix and watch all those tflops go to waste. ssd is no different than bluray it is the future and sony and ms need to get on the bandwagon soon.

medman1877d ago

Yes, I definitely could see the next console generation featuring ssd's, and it definitely should, but this gen? No, especially considering both Sony and Microsoft are not doing much on the cpu side of the equation for Scorpio or Neo, which is the real "problem" with this mid gen upgrade, from where I sit.

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