First details revealed for the Madden NFL 17: Prima Official Guide

The first details have been revealed for the Madden NFL 17: Prima Official Guide.

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DrKarateChop1871d ago

Finally, you can punch other players in the face!

esmittystud1011871d ago

I can see a guide for these large open world games that have that "You make a decision, you stick with it" format. Meaning no going back. 200 plus hour play throughs for a lot of these games. I can see wanting a guide for a game like that. But a Madden or any sports game in general for that matter needing a thick guide is beyond me. Its a football game. "Hut one" Hut two" "Omaha, Omaha". Do they need told there is only ten yards needed for a first down or its a turnover on downs? At most, you pause the game and go in the menus to figure out how to audible and how to set your audibles. How bout instead of a guide for this game put all that time and money on a cool companion app for the game. I can see even having guide for these small linear titles out today even. Games like Uncharted 4 and others like it. Collectable locations. Gun fight strategies. Area lookovers. But Madden? The rosters for the teams change so much, the rosters would never be right in the guide.

I think this rant was much needed and pointed out that guides are nice to own, but for a Madden game? They are really stretching on this one. It would be the same if it was basketball, golf, soccer or any sports game for that matter.