Why PS3 Have a Blu-ray for Movies and Games

Next Generation games are going to be 20GB plus, and how we're going to fit them on DVD9's I don't know, they'll probably be a few of them. On the PS3, we're going to be using the majority of the space on those Blu-ray disks !___Mark Rein(Epic Games).

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Bhai6200d ago

Quotes from major industry Specialists as well as major game developers including PGR3 developer for X360 clears how blu-ray has the 'EDGE' here, clearing that the rain isn't in PGR3 for the content had to be cut off so either a game can be pretty on x360 or it can be featuristic. For a true next gen title to be on 360, its a sure trade-off.

Microsoft's concept of downloading major parts of a game are totally made short of, as Mark Rein states :

"Downloading 30Gb isn't really feasible. What online could be, is the back-channel to get additional content. Patches and things like that. I think what Valve has done is great."

The others are Team ninja, ninja Theory, ubisoft, Vivendi, Ea, dell computers and Guerilla etc.

That's really good to know that PS3 is gonna last for the time Sony has mentioned !

andy capps6200d ago

Let the flaming begin........... NOW!

shotty6200d ago

You based this article from a forum post. Ya real creditable.

HyperBear6200d ago (Edited 6200d ago )

If he says that next-gen games are at least 20GB, than how the hell did they Get Oblivion on a DVD9 disc then huh?, the top amount that it holds is 9GB, yet they still seemed to get the whole, beautiful game on there, so 20GB for a game, maybe in late 2007, early 2008, when games get longer and more creative. But for now, I dont think so.

Anerythristic266199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

How about never. Programming a game is an art form in the basic sence that you start with a blank page or a block of clay or marble. Nothing is there until it is programmed. They will never take the time to program a 20 or 30GB game. The production costs would be astronomical , the production time would fully double , it isn't going to happen this generation. I would really like someone to explain to me a 30gb game. If they could fit a game like Oblivion which people could play for well over 100 hours on a 9gb disk what would a 30gb game be like, Oblivion was in production for 4 years! How long would a 30gb game be in production for? Do you quadruple the amount of employees you have? If a game like that fits onto a DVD what do you use the other 20gb for, textures and trees? They looked fine in the 9gb game... you can't make them look better than the GPU can push anyway. It's not like games will look next-next gen because the media used. None if these questions are answered by anybody beyond the statement that
"BluRay is cool." Will games take 9 years to produce? I mean if you are writing a HUGE , HUGE , HUUUGGGEEE open ended SUPER game how long will it take to design it , write it , debug and quality assure it ? What do you use the extra 20 , 30 40gb for that can't already be done. You can't make the game run any faster in a pure high resolution because the hardware can't handle it. I can go on forever. This is a developer pipe dream they are trying to sell us. The Bluray is fine but really befor it's time. I have a prediction it will never be used as intended this generation of systems , mark my words.

achira6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

earlier there were games on a cd. and the storage of a dvd is 13 times bigger. but has the developing time increased by 13. surely not, because this is not linear. the process of developing will take longer, but not so much, perhaps 1.3 times longer, more not. if you have more space you can make better textures, this does not take longer, because you only change the output resolution on such programs like maya or 3dsmax. and you can store more level data, this does not take more time, because the process is: you desing a model with NURBS and convert it to Polygons. and this process does not take longer you have only to change the parameter for bigger polygon count of the end model and you have better models and better graphics, and it didnt take any longer.

Anerythristic266199d ago

I am not going to get into this with you. What you said has merit , I understand where your coming from. A few things you said are suspect because it reverts back to the hardware. If the PS3 can't push the amount of polys it can't push it...period. BRD is not going to help it do that. Also I will believe the uncompressed textures are better when I see it and will just leave it at that because I have heard so many times that it doesn't matter and the only people I hear saying it matters are PS3 fans. I really stand by the belief that it's time for Sony to taste defeat. Nintendo beat Atari and it was good for gaming , Sony beat Nintendo and it was good for gaming , When should anyone beat Sony , even if the challenger has a better product...never? If Sony gets slapped it will only make them stronger ( or maybe they will go away , which isn't good for gaming. )

MoonDust6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

This guy is on crack. With XNA coming out developer will use even less space.

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