Tips and Tricks to a Better Time in Overwatch's Competitive Mode

Struggling to get your rank up in Overwatch's Competitive Mode? These handy tips and tricks will get you started on the right foot.

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InTheZoneAC1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

not sure there is a better tip than just be a better player, be aware of what's going on. Because many of the times when I lose I'm playing with flat out selfish terrible players who don't play the objective properly or know how to use their team and how to attack the opposing team.

Too many times when teammates die they just march in one at a time just to get killed. Too many times when enemies are weakened do your teammates not focus on those about to die and instead go after someone else.

It is amazing how easy it is when your teammates know what they're doing, know how to help attack an enemy, and don't run away when a teammate goes to assist.

-know your maps
-know where health packs are at
-know where the enemy team keeps coming from
-know where your teammates are at
-learn to kill weak enemies
-learn to avoid/kill certain ultimates
-stop using widowmaker or ana if your team is struggling, don't use torbjorn on attack if your team is struggling, lose symmetra if the attacking team is already pushing the payload with ease
-stop wasting ana ultimates on snipers or healers
-stop wasting zenyatta ultimates when nothing is going on or when there's maybe 1 enemy not during crunchtime
-don't waste your ultimates when someone else on your team just activated there's and about killed everyone.
-if you see a mercy or lucio just running in circles around the objective, kill him, don't just watch him