Rio 2016: Kohei Uchimura gets £3,700 Pokemon Go bill

Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura racks up a £3,700 mobile phone bill playing Pokemon Go after arriving in Brazil for the Rio Games.

spddrcr2675d ago

this is false. Pokemon go not available in Brazil. as in there are no pokestops or actual Pokemon roaming around in Brazil. Other Olympians have been complaining and putting up screen shots of them trying to play, yet they all seem to get blank landscapes. this guy was most likely using his data for porn and didn't want to disgrace his country.

Raoh902675d ago

read the fucking article for christ sakes.
He's playing the japanese version of Pokemon GO, and it doesnt matter if the game isnt available in Brazil, he can still play it, just like people in Mexico are playing the game there, even tho the game hasnt officially released there.

spddrcr2675d ago

do some fucking research yourself, it's not possible to do anything in the game if you are in brazil... when this story broke last night there was nothing in brazil that could be done with pokemon go.

GameBoyColor2675d ago

The Game is out in Brazil anyway...

SirBradders2675d ago

I was playing it a week before the UK release. So next time read the article and get your shizzle in order.

spddrcr2675d ago

of course you were the actual infrastructure, gyms and poke stops had already been placed in the UK. this has not happened in Brazil yet.

Idiedgoodbye2675d ago

I was inspired by this story to buy shit on Pokémon Go

theshredded2675d ago

Crazy guy, he can do some insane sh*t

Deadpooled2669d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Won the team Gymnastics Gold medal for Japan last night, world class gymnast and definitely the favourite for the all round gold medal in a few days time.

edit - He won the all round gymnastics Gold medal. Legend.

Idiedgoodbye2669d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he inspired a new anime character series.

Kung Fu Hustle is a cool movie and this guy reminds me of that movie

Deadpooled2669d ago


Wouldn't be surprised if he has his own branded lines of clothing, accessories, hair gel, businesses. The guy is a genius in the gymnastics especially on the high bar.


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