The Trades Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Scott Juba Writes:

"Tiger Woods 09" builds on the solid foundation of past "Tiger Woods" titles but makes enough improvements to create an enhanced gameplay experience worthy of your $60. This time, virtual golfers have Tiger's coach, Hank Haney, there to assist them as they progress through their careers. Hank provides feedback to help you build your skills and reach your full potential. While this is a nice addition, it only scratches the surface of its potential. The advice Hank offers is sometimes useful but often restates the obvious.

You won't be complaining too much, though, because the gameplay is absolutely addictive. The controls are responsive, intuitive and easy to master. Additions as simple as the instant feedback meter and the club tuner take the gameplay experience to the next level. My only complaint is that, even on standard difficulty, putting seems much too difficult. Turning potential birdies into double bogeys can become commonplace if you're not at your very best."

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