In 2002 Microsoft Knew Xbox 360 Was Launching During 2005

The PS4 and Xbox One’s console cycle has been well-documented over the first two and a half years of its life-cycle, but when you take a look back at the PS3 and Xbox 360’s beginning, t…

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Lsbb1878d ago

Well of course they knew. That's what you call a business plan

corroios1878d ago

They were very smart with the 360 and got the marketshare, but lost their ways with the one

PhoenixUp1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Yet the Xbox 360 launch still felt rushed, what with it's high failure rates and other various hardware malfunctions like disc scratching.

You don't plan so far in advance when you will release a product and have it still be so extremely faulty around release that it costs your company more than a billion dollars to fix.

andrewsquall1878d ago

Don't forget that the XboneS is replacing the current Xbone after less than 2 years, and it isn't even THAT necessary.
To compare with something that is absolutely necessary, the original abysmal 360 launch model was on the market for almost FIVE YEARS before it was remodeled AND the disc scratching was never fixed on the console to date. Even the last "Stingray" super slim console still had the Windows 95 era CDROM like disc loading tray that can easily scratch your games if you sneeze in the same room as it.

But yeah, these guys planned the 1.15 billion dollar repair plan for their next console in 2002 lol.

SynestheticRoar1878d ago

They knew about the RROD, to and tried to play dumb.

ApocalypseShadow1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

And that is why I ultimately decided not to buy a 360 after buying and still owning to this day the OG Xbox. While being a manager at Game Crazy, I saw first hand as customers brought their systems back in because they died when we launched it. But Game Crazy moved quickly to have customers send their system to Microsoft that alleviated our returns. But, you could tell the lawsuits were coming soon for them or recalls.

They had to have known through testing before console release that there was a failure rate higher than the industry standard but put it out there anyway. They most likely felt burned by Nvidia's pricing on the first Xbox. So, decided to manufacture themselves and was not experienced in chip design as they thought they were. Plus, wanted to get that jump on Sony and rushed to market leading to failure. They probably thought if 3-4 died out of 10, they were still ahead by 6 or 7 and could manage the rest.

But when you extend a warranty from the usual 90 days to 1 year to 3 years, you know the problem was endemic. But when the company stayed silent on it, I knew that they were no longer getting my support even after starting pay to play online on the OG.

Them knowing they were launching during 2005 don't help their image much. I'll give them credit now for Xbox one working properly. But it's too little too late for me. I still enjoyed playing 360 at work on the demo units then, but I wasn't buying any systems from them.

ABBAJESUS1878d ago

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