Should You Buy Xbox One S or Wait for Scorpio?

Current Xbox One or its smaller and lighter sibling? Let TNT try and help you make up your mind. Read on to find out more.

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Immorals1876d ago

I'm happy with my Day One console, I'll await Scorpio

NotAFanboyyy1876d ago

Same here. Although I love the size of the S, I will save my money toward Scorpio because I see that being $499 at the very least.

Promachos1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Bought my One S day One...hehe

Couldn't be any happier. It is beautiful, whisper quiet, and i love the white...

EpicSandwich1876d ago

I have to get both i just need that gears console

1876d ago
R6ex1876d ago

Neither. Get a good PC since all Xbox games are coming to PC.

SirJoJo1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I just knew someone was gonna have this troll comment when i clicked on the link

Rude-ro1876d ago

How is a fact a troll?
Man people are sensitive.

Notellin1876d ago

I'd rather not play with you so hopefully you stick to PC and leave the rest of us alone.

Razputin1876d ago

I bet you're the type to buy a Dell and wonder why games look like crap, and blame it all on Microsoft.

Rude-ro1876d ago

Or buy a Xbox one and do the same? Ha!

christocolus1876d ago

Why not read the article clearly before spouting the same ol crap over and over again. The article doesn't even mention PCs as an option. What if the person only plays on consoles&PC gaming isn't his thing. Should he run out and start building a PC? Smh. Like it or not, there are millions of console only gamers out there. Infact the majority of my pals are console only gamers and none of them care about PC gaming but I do think its nice to see MS giving fans the option though.

Rude-ro1876d ago

Why does it have to be "he"?!

gamer91876d ago

I bought a gaming PC in spring for XCOM2, now it collects dust while I play my xbox one, the console experience is far superior for me

1876d ago
gamer91871d ago


Well I like big TV, speakers, couch, controller. And I use my PC for other things. So the re-synching controller, switching displays, and booting up my computer and game every time I wanted to play was a big inconvenience. I like playing with controller and I don’t want to be playing a game like battlefield against other players with mouse and keyboard or I’ll get owned. I found the font on a number of games was quite small when I outputted to TV, which again could have been fixed but a big hassle. SOUND is the big thing as I don’t have a dedicated sound card in my PC, to use the sound from my video card it was noticeably bad. I could have bought a dedicated sound card and then hooked up an audio cable to receiver just for sound while running an HDMI from video card to receiver, or I could just play my xbox and it’s easy and sounds great. So as a whole I find it a hassle to fire up a game on PC, there’s so many quirks, and then I end up playing against M&K players. No thank you. The extra resolution would be the only thing that’s better for me on PC. Everything else I prefer console

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lastking951875d ago

What about all the console only games he'd miss out on?

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Arrow22831876d ago

Not for anything but has anyone even considered that the 2017 launch time could be delayed till 2018, more like mid spring? Yeah Microsoft loves releasing stuff on the holidays. It is just a thought that's all.

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