10 Shocking Video Game Betrayals That Scarred You For Life

In the pantheon of standout moments people bring up when championing why gaming is one of the best entertainment mediums in the world, the old rug-pull backstab rarely gets its due. Here are ten of the most shocking video game betrayals.

Major spoilers in article!

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NapalmSanctuary1881d ago

They did Miller wrong in MGS.

Joel was right to do what he did. There was no way that a cure was going to go public. It would have been used as a tool for power. Ellie didn't understand that. even though she had been through a lot she still had that "I trust my friends cause they're mine" mentality, as expressed through her trust of the firefly leader, someone who was hiding the truth from her the whole time. Joel was put on the spot at the end and did the only thing conscionable, knowing what he knew of their leader (can't remember her name).

I had to stop reading after article spoiled RDR and tried to spoil Bioshock. Hopefully I won't remember what I saw when I get around to playing those games.

dizeestl1880d ago

bioshock is the best 1 imo and this is coming from a mgs1-3 fanboy