Titanfall 2 dev says PS4 is 'easy to get to grips with'

Respawn Entertainment chats about the process of bringing Titanfall 2 to the PS4.

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MasterCornholio1434d ago

Should mean less problems for those who are planning to buy this. That's never a bad thing.

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freshslicepizza1434d ago

sony made a very well designed system but it took them losing the north american market to finally cave in and stop making proprietary hardware that was difficult to work on.

TwoForce1434d ago

I have been waiting for this.

andrewsquall1434d ago

We know. Even the talentless studios could easily hit 1080p on PS4 games at launch and that is when the console had less tools and more system memory, taken up by background things, to optimise the games with.
Talented devs have been having a grand old time with the console. You've just been missing out Repsawn because of that whole banking on Xbone in the beginning thing.

Charybdis1434d ago

Shame that Sony turned down the game. Its a good thing EA managed to get the funding from Microsoft but didn't make it fully exclusive.

badz1491434d ago

Sony turned down the game? EA got funding from MS? Seriously dude, where did you get all these baseless claims? MisterX?

Sony didn't turn down anything, and EA had "funding" problems? You freakin kidding me? You really believed that? Wake up already dude!

EA and MS struck a deal, simple as that and it was a no secret that EA favored the Xbone from the start of this gen. MS got a high profile console exclusive and EA got extra money for it. Even Respawn themselves were taken by surprise regarding the deal. The article was all over the internet and you can look it up.

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Charybdis1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

badz149... really now
-Sony did turn the game in order to beat the xb1 specs
-Ea and Microsft struck a deal to make the titanfall 1 happen by funding it

leoms1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

"or at least that’s what Geoff Keighly’s Final Hours App is claiming." So it has been confirmed from a videogame journalist or Respawn? "One financial analyst claimed he had the inside scoop with the management of Electronics Art, saying the Titanfall PS4 port was cancelled due to EA assuming the PlayStation 4 would fail." No offense but these look like rumors.


Forget what I wrote as I did not see the second link.

King_Lothric1434d ago

Is very amazing how uninformed you are.

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TheVigilanteCode1434d ago

Same architecture, apart from that convoluted ESRAM pool, which is easier here since it's a single fast lane on GDDR5.

Nothing surprising.

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