Rumor: Xbox IPTV may not be so grand

Doug, from the Peoples Republic Of, visited Microsoft's IPTV booth at CES yesterday and got some more dirt on how the Xbox 360 IPTV will work. According to him, he found out that the IPTV service will be available over AT&T's 35Mbps lightspeed service which would allow for 2HD and 2SD channels to run simultaneously. Though the big problem here is that you'd have to replace your current ISP and cable provider to AT&T. And if you don't have access to the lightspeed service, then no IPTV for you! Secondly, you'll need a separate set top box that would work by itself or connected to a 360. So, the 360 still needs a separate set top box to use IPTV. Finally, if you have a home router it will need to be replaced by a special QOS (quality of service) router. Feeling sad yet?

Again, this isn't official information from Microsoft, but is information Doug received from Microsoft's IPTV booth at CES. Hopefully things will change before the roll-out, because the whole Xbox 360 IPTV service isn't sounding very good.

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tony5243d ago

who cares. we have regular cable box anyways. don't be negative. i still think is going to be a great service.

CG5243d ago

The whole point of IPTV is to replace the setop box in peoples homes with a 360 console, so why would a setop box be need????
IPTV will be available to xbox owners through a simple software update!! it will appear as a new menu on the xbox dashboard and once clicked the 360 will connect to a specific servers separte from the xbox live servers!

THAMMER15243d ago

You have to attach and add-on. That was expected. All real people care about is the quality and the cost. If it is cheaper than my current provider I'm Sold.

Syko5243d ago

Honestly Bro, AAA Garbage 35Mbps?? Ya right that is way more than any house needs. I have 10Mbps and can pull down 5gigs in 50 minutes off of Newsbin\Giganews. 35Mbps is BS.

TheMART5243d ago

Well we see.

But if it's true, especially the 35 Mbps thing then it sucks. Don't believe that though, MS wouldn't bring out the news and then only 0,01% of all users could use it.

We'll see the real specs brought by MS soon I guess

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The story is too old to be commented.