Major DDOS Attack Takes Down

If you were thinking of hopping into a match of Lucio Ball, think again. As of 7:48 PM ET today, Blizzard is experiencing major server issues as a result of an ongoing DDOS attack against major Internet providers, according to a tweet from the massive developer.

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Mrveryodd1873d ago

Assholes of the Internet strike again , these people need to use there skills to take someone down who deserves it . Gamers are not who these people should be targeting .

Blacklash931872d ago

"these people need to use there skills to take someone down who deserves it ."

They shouldn't be bringing anyone down at all. This kind of stuff is wrong, period.

Mrveryodd1872d ago

how about pedeophile and terrorist types come to mind ..... do they not deserve it @backlash93

refocusedman1873d ago


ITPython1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Sadly one day an internet connection will be required to play all games, even those that are completely SP offline experiences.

Heck, I think steam games may already be that way. Cause I can't even boot TR if I disable my network adapter and disconnect.

SunnyZ1872d ago

You can play nearly all steam games offline, just not ones with that lovely piece of malware 'denuvo', which it what TR has.
You NEED to always be online to play Denuvo infected games.

rainslacker1873d ago

Always on a Tuesday when raid reset on WOW. :(

1872d ago
InTheZoneAC1872d ago

ddos attacks should be a felony and mandatory 3 years prison sentence+fine if convicted

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