Electronic Arts is “Energized” by the Success of Pokémon GO; EA Games Not Impacted Negatively

During Electronic Arts’ quarterly earnings conference call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson talked about Pokémon GO, mentioning that what Niantic has done is “very very strong” and a great blend of the IP and the new augmented reality tech that introduces it to new audiences through mobile devices.

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ApocalypseShadow1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Translation: EA is ready to copy the success of Pokemon go and they can't wait to get a similar product out as soon as possible.

And you wonder why Nintendo likes to keep what they're doing close to their chest even if it's a collaboration . Sega with crazy taxi learned when Simpsons hit and run came out. Midway learned with NBA jam and NFL blitz and NBA street NFL street. Criterion learned with burnout ... Oh wait,EA bought criterion and Midway's properties of jam and blitz. Then dropped them.

They see something poplar, then copy for those profits and monetization.