Hands-on with Galaxy Note7 Gear VR: Progress is a Dirty Word | VRFocus

It's a new Gear VR but how much has it advanced?

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traumadisaster1871d ago

I have the original and yes VR is different and a new fun experience, but not worth more than a free give away. Ive been at 4kpc before the X1 ps4 were even announced and I cant imagine the Rift being much better for the price for the average Joe. Most will prefer couch gaming as its hot, heavy after 30 min and makes neck sore. Plus the quality is a few years from what would make me play more than an hour a week.

candystop1871d ago

Oops... I meant to agree! Even with the Gear7 I've had discomfort issues and fogging of the lenses. I just hope the devices improve. Games played through Vr (well less than a handful) at the moment are actually pretty good but way to short. Once we start getting real games you can enjoy with friends, the experience will undoubtedly be incredible. So for me comfort and games will keep me on-board. I hope couch gaming never goes away.