Is It Time For EA To Admit Defeat And Move Onto Sims 5?

With the rumours of Sims 4's console port being culled - is it time for EA to move on to the next iteration of its Sims franchise?

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tanukisuit2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Well I mean... they already destroyed the beloved SimCity! I don't think EA really cares, b/c they know they will still make thousands-millions off of Sims3.

ONESHOTV22492d ago

sims 3 is still alive if they create another backwards game like sims 4 i won't buy that as well so let them focus for a bit

tanukisuit2492d ago

Lying about pools, putting so much detail into neighbourhoods but so little space to actually build and how they split up DLC into 3 different categories with outrageous prices... That's EA!