It's Too Early To Start Panicking Over 'No Man's Sky'

Apparently gamers are freaking out about No Man’s Sky, just over a week ahead of its launch.

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Gaming_Cousin1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Who the hell freaks out/panics over a video game? Worried I can understand... but freaking out? Cmon

ArchangelMike1878d ago

This is No Man's Sky we're talking about. Better believe it, peeps are freaked-out. Some advice, avoid Steam Forums, Reddit, and even N4G....

phantomexe1878d ago

Game going be like crack for alot of people. Nothing to worry about.

Overload1878d ago

Yes, it is. Here are some screenshots from the leaked stream (nothing to spoilery, just creatures and scenery).

I can't wait to see what else is out there.

showtimefolks1878d ago

The hate on this game is on a different level than any I have seen in a long long time

The difference is in the mindset. The developers layer out what they were trying to achieve and deliver yet some gamers have made their imaginations in their heads of what NMS will be

The whole it can be finished in 30 hours is a joke. So you mean to tell me 30 hours games aren't worth $60? Forget the fact that it was a speed run and for most gamers it will take over 100 hours

Than let's not over look the fact that you could play NMS for years without running out of content. You could actually settle on a planet and just stay there for your whole experience

I guess if the game isn't coming to Xbox one than its automatically hated on and if the game isn't coming to ps4 than it gets the same treatment

SharnOfTheDEAD1878d ago

way too early Hello Games just finished their first patch which adds features and fixes things.

Strangeface1878d ago

Also, Sean Murray has clearly stated that the object is to get to the centre of the UNIVERSE. There are multiple galaxies in the game. People seem to keep forgetting this.