The History of Resident Evil

With the announcement of Resident Evil 7, Capcom looks to bring the series back to its horror roots. Joey looks back on the long history of the franchise, and attempts to figure out what it really means to be a Resident Evil game.

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naruga1873d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

NO they r not bringing series back to their horror roots , they r derailing the series with new kind of paranormal based horror and 1st person gameplay ala PT, Outlast (which feels completely ridiculous for the series )....instead of RE7 Capcom just gimme RE 6 seconds pls, i prefer it 1000 times more than this RE 7 abomination

...also the sales of RE REmake and 0 were not bad because people wanted smthing new, BUT because the majority (if not ALL) of RE fans were on PS2's side waiting to play the next entry, NOT on a damn Gamecube ...then Capcom misguided decided to change RE classic formula into RE 4 which destroyed the series irreparably...RE4 had some good innovative elements which were needed to evolve the series (like the behind-the-shoulder-aiming camera), BUt it had a millions faulty others that completely destroyed RE franchise

TheCommentator1871d ago

Somebody who knows what's up around here. The series is going nowhere near it's roots and definitely killed itself, spiritually speaking, with everything from 4 on up. It's kind of sad.

dizeestl1872d ago

back to their roots

goes first person

lol gamespot.

-Foxtrot1871d ago

I know right

Not to mention "JUMP SCARE" Horror over "SURVIVAL" Horror....people really don't know the difference. I mean the older games had it's jump scare moments but it didn't rely on them gameplay wise.

Just seems like what Capcom did for RE6 when they said it was returning to horror, then it was horror in "Leons sections" and then basically we got nothing.

Austin481871d ago

All of you guys that commented are idiots the real fans are very excited about this I've said it a lot and I'll say it again this game will be very successful even without your alls crybaby remarks.