Origin PC Ships NVIDIA Titan X Powered PCs

Origin PC has announced that they have starting shipping NVIDIA Titan X powered PCs for the ultimate gaming experience.

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DarkHeroZX1873d ago

Already bought two Titan X today.

Alexious1873d ago

Do you play at 8K? Because otherwise it's utterly useless...

Perjoss1873d ago

Sometimes games are really badly optimised so a monster rig does make sense in those cases, ARK early access springs to mind as well as many orher games that are under development and still not yet optimised.

Like when everyone was having trouble with Arkham Knight but it ran perfectly for me with everything fully maxed.

DarkHeroZX1873d ago

Lmao 2 of these won't play games at 8k unless at medium setting. We are a ways away from that. Thr objective of this new setup is 4k at beyond 60fps.

Garethvk1873d ago

What did they end up costing you?

DarkHeroZX1873d ago

They costed me 2697 with an sli bridge as well.

seanpitt231873d ago

I already bought 7 gave 3 to friends and family.

sadsatan1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

sli perfect for 4k (if you have the cheese!!)