Big Download Review: American McGee's Grimm: Godfather Death

Review by David Craddock:

"In a review of a previous American McGee's Grimm episode, I wrapped up my analysis by stating that each of the games has been fun, but those who don't feel like shelling out bucks for each entry's admittedly cheap fare should wait for their favorite fairy tales to come around. I'd like to amend that statement. True, Grimm episodes have focused on and will continue to feature popular fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, but for many, the appeal of little-known tales (whether personally or universally) could be the saving grace of this platformer whose mechanics don't change much between episodes.

Take this week's installment: Godfather Death, a chilling tale with which I was unfamiliar despite being a fan of the Brothers Grimm. Grisly though they usually are, the brothers' tales are not quite macabre enough for Grimm, the titular protagonist of Spicy Horse's episodic series. In episode six, Grimm not only darkens the tale of Godfather Death, but manages to traverse many of the series' most clever and beautiful playgrounds yet."

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