Xbox One S review, 1080p verdict: Just a minor improvement - VB

Microsoft's Xbox One S is out today in a 2TB configuration for $400, and the company is taking its first step into 4K with the system. But what if you are sticking with that 1080p set you just bought last year? Well, this is the review for you.

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Filmicfps1878d ago

its a slim xbox with some extra features and some tiny power gains. its doing more than it needs to

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Quackers1878d ago

lol upscale 4K gaming

Waste of money, wait for native 4k gaming.

Quackers1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Upscale is not the way to go, don't stretch your image and upscale it, wait for Scorpio and get Native 4K. Waste of money to pay for upscale when native is right around the corner

Common knowledge dude, don't be so daft!

Unspoken1878d ago

Or just spend $1200 on the new Titan XP, am I right?

$300 < $1200


marquisray1878d ago

Whats funny is if the neo change their specs to hdr10 everyone would go get a tv and system niw thats funny

opinionated1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I bought my tv for the neo before the slim was even announced. Now I'm buying the slim instead for UHD bluray.

amazinglover1878d ago

Not sure why they keep mentioning the upscale thing as all 4k TVs upscale automatically so the Xbox doing it is moot. Also images that are 720 or 1080 actually upscale almost perfectly you won't see stretched images with 4k up-scaling like you did last gen when they were up-scaling from below 720p to 1080p.

Unspoken1878d ago

Not exactly. If the upscaler in the Xbox is superior to the chipset in the TV, then the picture will be better and you may have less input lag due to processing.

darthv721877d ago

While it is common for TV's to do this... it should not be. The device that is outputting the image to the TV should be doing the work of upscaling.

And if they design it in such a way where the two scalers can work in tandem then it could produce a very nice picture in the end. both the unit and the set sharing the load of upscaling the picture or the device doing all the work is much better than the TV doing all the work.

XXanderXX1878d ago

Look forward to getting me one plus a 4K Samsung

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