No Man's Sky Has Two Distinct Ways To Play

Clipping Error discuss the two distinct ways people will be playing No Man's Sky at launch, feeling prompted to after so many people can't believe the game can be 'finished' in 10-12 hours. The recent leaker of the game said that it takes very little time compared to what was promised to finish, however this is only when you play the game in what Clipping Error consider as the unintended way.

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sinjonezp1881d ago

While each play style is fine, I think it will be a little different as the game evolve. It's so much more to do besides just getting to the center. Learning alien languages, being a space pirate, battles, thing is hello games can take advantage of quality updates. I mean something as simple as space races and pVp interactions. pVp space battles. Just mix it up and make sure the universe has many things to offer over "just" getting to the center of the Galaxy.

Jimboms1881d ago

I agree, there is so much more to this game than just getting to the centre

medman1881d ago

I will certainly be an adventuring will take me forever to get to the center, as I tend to be a completionist so I may die with the controller in my hand in some distant galaxy just about as far from the center as it gets.

Jimboms1881d ago

I think we'll both die in the same pose with our exact hours in No Man's Sky on our tombstones

IRetrouk1881d ago

Yep, heading away from the centre is my plan, can visit it at some point once my fuel n stuff allows me to travel vast distances though.

WeedyOne1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The makers of the game already stated there will be a day one patch to fix some exploits. It may take longer to beat than the media is saying because the media is getting their information from a dude who played the game before the day 1 patch and used exploits to beat it quickly. When the game actually releases it may be impossible to beat it in 10 hours.

assdan1880d ago

People need to stop talking like getting to the center is the end of the game. Sean Murray just set that as a goal that he thinks a lot of people will go for.