FFXV To Feature At Least 7 Summons,Shiva Possibly Confirmed,Kingsglaive JPN Pamphlet Translated

In a recent Final Fantasy XV tech showcase video, one of the game's debug menus revealed that there will be at least 7 summons,including Shiva. A partial English translation of the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Japanese pamphlet also emerged online

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quent1441d ago

Don't forget the $50 season pass, includes special summons

Eiyuuou1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

*$25 .

This isn't SW Battlefront after all.

Germ_the_Nobody1441d ago

Wish there was "at least 20" instead. I miss all the Bahamuts!

Adrian_v011441d ago

What's a spoiler? Shiva being there? It's a FF title after spoilers needed to know that Shiva would be a summon.

Dabigsiebowski1441d ago

Wish articles wouldn't allow spoilers in the headline.

Jinryo1441d ago

Exacly. There was spoilers about new characters in game, now summons.

DarkZane1441d ago

Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan and Leviathan are a given since they're classic summons that are almost in all FF.

Bahamut and Odin will probably be in there.

1441d ago
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