Side-Quest: Too Many New Games

Travis Meacham Writes:

"Sometimes I envy non-gamers. Why? For them September and October bring NFL football, leaves changing colors and Halloween but not a savage assault on their available time and fluid income. For gamers these next two months represent a veritable blitzkrieg of quality titles all coming out weeks and sometimes days apart. And thanks to the opening-weekend mindset the game publishers have fostered in us, we have to get them all as soon as they hit stores lest our GAMER cards get revoked. There won't be time to play them all and the economic reality of the situation is that gamers will have to make some hard choices soon about what to buy and what to let slide.

Everyone knows that game release dates are something of a joke but anything within about two months starts to look pretty firm. With that in mind let's look at September. Next week is the release of Will Wright's Spore, a title PC gamers have been looking forward to since it was revealed at the 2005 Game Developer's Conference. Spore is an enormous game that threatens to insatiably consume time, and it will definitely take more than week to experience all of it."

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