Wii sales double PS3's in Japan

Nintendo Wii has sold 989,118 consoles in Japan since it went on sale on December 2, compared to 466,716 PS3s sold since November 12, according to stats release by Tokyo Research and publisher Enterbrain.

Although this could partly be put down to manufacturing issues for Sony that lead to a massive shortage of PS3s for the launch period, this is a phenomenal success for Nintendo.

With Wii's shooting off shelves like crazy - in fact, they're hard to find in retail stores around the world - this success looks set to continue well into 2007.

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EaziG5241d ago

That'll be because the Wii is cheapy crap so they can make tons of them.
hey wait, if you have a Gamecube does that count as having a Wii? ... seeming though its the same thing, just a diffent case.

Give it a Year and the Wii will crash and Burn. ... and you can quote me on that.

Xbox360 and Ps3 will each slaughter the Wii sales in a year's time.

ChickeyCantor5241d ago

oooowwww get over it you sad a**bag

Harry5241d ago

Eazig. You cannot say that becasue its components are weaker then you can discredit it's sales.

Syko5241d ago

Quote from Nintendo "Wii apoligize to Sony, For Wii did not mean to go into your stompin grounds and shame you. For this Wii deeply apoligize." Wii clearly have a winner in Japan

GaMr-5241d ago

Yeah and Honda's outsell Mercedes benz always have always will. If a 600 dollar console with no games was outselling a modded out Gamecube with a motion stick that runs for 250 dollars and is kinda fun then we would have a real problem. Question is when the big titles start hitting on PS3 and 360 will the little wii be able to thump with the big boys.

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