Intense violence, sexual themes and more detailed for BioShock: The Collection

The ESRB has revealed its rating summary for the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One compilation, BioShock: The Collection.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1880d ago

Are articles detailing the content of old games necessary? The games in the Bioshock collection are 3-9 years old, and the back of box, has an age rating, based around the game's content.

NapalmSanctuary1880d ago

Never played these. Can't wait to play the first one on a console without mad screen tearing.

opinionated1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Anybody seen the preorder theme for ps4? I can't find it anywhere. If it's the box art style that would be sick.

Hardiman1880d ago

Yeah I knew none of this and needed to......oh wait yeah I did but, but I never played Infinite so I will of course.