Game Informer: FaceBreaker Review

As fun as FaceBreaker can be, it falls prey to a scourge of many new EA titles – this first title in the franchise is shorn of exciting features. The game's bare-bones structure presumes that you'll take each boxer through the same gauntlet of fights over and over again. Even with the solid gameplay, it doesn't take long before the unadorned nature of the career mode makes you feel brain dead, like you've taken a few too many punches to the noggin. Regardless, Game Informer thinks this game is worth strapping on the gloves.

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Polluted4322d ago

I enjoyed the demo, but it doesn't seem like the game could really hold my attention for long.

I hope all these comparisons to Ready 2 Rumble will stop once the game hits the market. Apart from some visual similarities, the two games are nothing like on another.

Kleptic4322d ago

yeah the demo was ok...but never made me want more of the just felt like a generic fighting game with cartoony characters...good for like 10 minutes tops...