Ubisoft Has Surprise Projects For Nintendo NX - UBISOFT NEWS

Ubisoft has expressed their excitement for the Nintendo NX and that the company has more projects in store for the system that are yet to be announced.

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crazychris41242373d ago

A complete and polished game??

EddieNX 2373d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 ;)

rawshack2373d ago

Assassin's creed would be good and far cry

Sharius2373d ago

not to be a dck, but i'm playing zombi now since i got it with PS+ and it's feel like sht, so never trust ubisoft in their promise, i even have very low expectation with their upcoming "for honor"

EddieNX 2373d ago

ZombiU was a fun WiiU launch title. The gamepad usage was really clever, I can imagine it being underwhelming 4 years later with no gamepad controlls.

ninjazfistz2373d ago

Yeah. Ubisoft is a really shameful company. They release Far Cry 2 on ps3 and I bought it on launch for 49.99 lol and the servers and stats would constantly reset. So I would go from level 5 to 7 in a match. Then get reset back to level 2 the next game even though I had high K/D. It was very frustrating. Matches would also disconnect all the time and some bugs would prevent game completion during single player. It was like this for 6+ months and the forums were ablaze with other complaints/bugs. No one at ubisoft gave any cares and kind of ignored the forum. So I gave up. Told them I would trade it in and stop supporting them. Been avoiding buying their games at full price or new as much as I can since.

They are much better now because they know that level of quality won't suffice nowadays and I think they have learned their lesson. Far Cry 3 was a very good game and 4 as well. Haven't gotten around to Rainbow Six yet but it looks good.

MilkMan2373d ago

How is this news? Ubi always works on new tech.

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