It's You Vs. the Entire Damn Universe in 'No Man's Sky’

And it's not likely to be a fair fight.

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ArchangelMike1873d ago

Currently it seems to be No Man's Sky vs the Internets...

Goldby1872d ago

One beard to rule them all.
One beard to find them.
One beard to bring us all
And in the hair, bind them

subtenko1872d ago

"one box to rule them all" I cant stop laughing/cringing everytime i see references of that x)

raWfodog1872d ago

"While we still don’t know all that much about No Man’s Sky, we do know one thing for sure. Hello Games has repeatedly stated that when the game opens, players will be spawned in a random location on the outer fringe of the Universe. What’s more, the player will have in their possession only a basic ship and the lowest-rung multi tool possible. In short: from everything we’ve been led to believe, players won’t be equipped to handle sub-zero temperatures or the the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal right at the very beginning of the game.

More than likely, Hello Games has thought about this possibility and players won’t be spawning in the middle of an impossibly difficult environment (the same way you never spawn inside a volcano in Minecraft. Otherwise, some players just might find No Man’s Sky to be a truly punishing exercise."

If for some reason you did spawn on some hell planet, dying every few minutes, I'm sure you could just keep starting a new game until you get the planet you want.

Goldby1872d ago

Acrually i believe he stated some people may be starting on hazardous planets but in most cases it will be the ones with the resources available to help make it less annoying

ironcrow23861872d ago

One thing im curious about is do you keep the one mining tool/ship and continually upgrade it or is it possible to find others throughout the game??

Mr_GoolyPunch1872d ago

Yeah you can upgrade the ones you have or seemingly trade for better versions with more upgrade slots - similar to ship trade/upgrades! ;)

Mr_GoolyPunch1872d ago

You have to buy them, essentially!

R00bot1872d ago

Can people please stop tagging every console in their stories when the game is only on the PS4 and PC?

DanteVFenris6661872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

You can just ignore it... Your not made to click into it.

Pretty sure I see every exclusive on the xone page make it to ps4 page as well