How Nintendo could win back the top spot in games by forcing innovation has posted an interesting article about Nintendo's position in the next-gen console war.

"Who's winning the handheld games console war, DS or PSP? For all the storm and fury over the next generation consoles, I don't think there's a more contentious issue in the game-o-sphere right now, as my fellow Pocket Gamer Jon Jordan found out last week when he suggested DS Lite would be a retrograde step for Nintendo. (Suffice to say he won't need to shop for rotten tomatoes for a while).

I don't agree with Jon, but unlike many who pummelled his suggestion, I don't think he's an idiot. The point he was making – that by continuing to 'under-power' its machines, Nintendo is leaving a weak spot for a Sony assault – is perfectly reasonable. And it's not obviously wrong either, whatever the Nintendo faithful might believe."

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GrimFang46199d ago

That's a great overview. The race is on with two horses yet to start. Chances are that one of them will be faster than the first horse.

schnodder6199d ago

... it's not a big question. 80% of psp-games are boring (my opinion) - it's the opposite at nintendo ds + the touchy control-system makes it more innovative to play games.

sry 4 my english.

Asylumchild6196d ago

I have PSP and a DS lite PSP GETS MAD BORING and the DS is a lot of fun. but eny how id jsut liek to say IF NINTENDO COMES OUT WITH SUPER SMASH BROS and METROID PRIME online with the Wii I WILL BUY IT jsut for those 2 games