Castle Crashers Review: River City Remembered

2.0 from TrueGameHeadz writes:
"In a few years, "Castle Crashers" won't be remembered for its amazing story, or its ground breaking controls. No, the reason "Castle Crashers" will be remembered, and it's perhaps the best possible reason for people to remember a game, is because it's smashtastically fun. It's a great game to play alone, with friends, or online, and you can keep playing it over and over. Add to that a persistent sense of homage to one of the greatest..."

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BIGBAER4321d ago

Castle Crashers, as I have been playing it feverishly since its release, has all the elements and fun of several classic video games. River City Ransom? Undoubtedly. The R.R. comparison is a no-brainer. But comparisons to less well known games come to mind: the TurboGrafx's J.J. & Jeff and Bonk's Adventure.

Its Castle Crashers' precise control and off-kilter sense of humor that allows the additional comparisons. It's not important whether you agree or not. What IS important is that all gamers should experience the pure, manic fun that Castle Crashers provides. It delivers big time!