Forza Horizon 3: King and Infected Modes’ Return Revealed by ESRB (But They Got the Setting Wrong)

The Forza Horizon series features some rather unorthodox approaches to online racing with the King and Infected mode, and they’re returning in Forza Horizon 3, as revealed by the new ESRB rating, which is unsurprisingly an “E” for everyone.

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christocolus1881d ago

Nice..Glad it's making a return. It's one of best modes in FH.

Elit3Nick1880d ago

Agreed, although this news isn't surprising in the least.

Gaming4Life19811880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I have honestly never played these modes as I have only played forza horizon 2 but I will definitely check them out in horizon 3.

Wow a disagree for saying I have never played these modes but I will try them out fh3.........only on N4G lol.

mark_parch1880d ago

i think its because you said you never played them as you only ever had fh2 but those modes are on that game lol

Gaming4Life19811880d ago

Lol ok thanks for clearing that one up cause I was lost.